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NCFE partners with Learning Vault to drive forward its delivery of digital credentials

The awarding organisation NCFE has partnered with global education specialists Learning Vault to support its work in delivering digital credentials. 

Digital credentials are secure digital assets to validate a learner’s or employee’s educational achievements. These assets can be stored, managed and shared via digital skills wallets, opening pathways to further education and employment.

Focused initially on NCFE’s Endorsed Programmes as part of its Accreditation and Employer Services, digital credentials are portable and designed to empower individuals on their continuous learning journey.

Michelle Storey, Accreditation Manager at NCFE, said:

“We need a more agile skills system that’s better suited to the pace of change in our economy, such as filling regional gaps and aligning to local skills improvement plans.

“That’s why we believe our Endorsed Programmes are the perfect place to start with digital credentials, as they allow colleges, training providers and employers to quickly adapt their curriculum and professional development offering to meet the demands of the regions and sectors they work within. 

“Delivering credible programmes that genuinely add value to learners is important for the reputation of colleges and training providers, and the ability to develop flexible course content or bespoke qualifications can play a key role in achieving this. When you back that up with being able to issue a digital credential for those achievements it makes for a powerful and impactful offer that validates the skills and capabilities of individuals.”

As well as ensuring course content is suited to skills demands, colleges and training providers also need to ensure their own delivery and support staff are up to date with industry best practice. 

Finding relevant training options that are specific to their workforce can be a time-consuming and costly process, but with Endorsed Programmes and digital credentials, colleges and training providers can develop their own programmes and staff members can showcase their additional skills – all while still being quality assessed by NCFE. 

“Our partnership with NCFE symbolises a step towards integrating digital credentials into the UK’s educational framework,” states Nicholas Alderdice, CEO of Learning Vault. 

“We are delighted to facilitate this digital transformation, underscoring our commitment to innovation and the elevation of a skills-based economy. Witnessing esteemed organisations like NCFE adopt new technologies fuels our motivation to continue developing impactful solutions.”

To find out more about NCFEs Accreditation and Employer Services and our Endorsed Programmes and digital credentials, visit here

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