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New term, new Courses: City Lit invites learners to embrace a new journey this academic year

New term, new Courses: City Lit invites learners to embrace a new journey this academic year

City Lit, a renowned institution for adult learning, is extending a warm invitation to those looking to embark on a transformative journey of skill enhancement and personal growth. With the start of the academic year upon us, City Lit is proud to present an extensive range of courses for all abilities, designed to cater to diverse interests and aspirations. 

Course areas include: 
Performing Arts:  
Aspiring performers and music enthusiasts can hone their talents through expert-led courses in dance and music. From mastering intricate dance forms to refining musical skills, these courses offer a platform for artistic expression and creative exploration. The Performing Arts courses not only provide a platform for mastering intricate dance forms and refining musical skills but also offer a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passions. It’s more than just learning; it’s a chance to forge new friendships, have a blast, and embark on a journey of creative growth together. 

Business & Technology:  
Discover the forefront of technological advancement with our new Business & Technology courses. Delve into the world of AI through our introductory course, or explore the realm of machine learning. This practical course equips you with the skills to programme machine learning, focusing on implementation and application. Courses are available both online and in person. 

Visual Arts:  
Unleash your inner artist with our visual arts courses. Delve into the world of painting and drawing, discovering techniques that allow you to translate your ideas onto canvas. 

Immerse yourself in a new culture by learning a new language. City Lit offers an array of language courses, including French, Korean, and Japanese, providing an avenue to connect with diverse communities. 

Creative Writing:  
For those with a passion for storytelling, our creative writing courses provide an opportunity to refine your writing skills and explore the realm of literary creation.  

Prioritise your mental and emotional well-being through our comprehensive well-being courses. From mindfulness practices to holistic healing approaches, these courses empower individuals to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. Courses include Restorative Yoga, Massage Therapy and much more! 

Pathways to Success: 
City Lit’s extensive course offerings are not only an avenue for personal growth but also a gateway to new career opportunities. Individuals seeking a career change or aiming to acquire valuable skills will find a supportive learning environment at City Lit. 

Reflecting the sentiments echoed in articles by reputable publications such as Timeout and Evening Standard, the beginning of a new academic year offers a prime opportunity to invest in self-improvement. Each course represents a step towards honing talents, acquiring knowledge, and achieving personal aspirations.  
It is important to note that City Lit have achieved remarkable success in their recent Ofsted inspection. The inspection, conducted in May 2023, recognised City Lit as an ‘exceptional institution’, and highlighted the outstanding quality of education they provide. City Lit received an ‘outstanding’ rating across all areas, including quality of education, adult learning programs, overall behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management.  

Gordon Chi, Director of Marketing, PR & Communications at City Lit underscores the institution’s commitment, stating, “City Lit is dedicated to providing a platform for continuous learning and growth. Our courses are designed to empower individuals in their pursuit of knowledge and personal advancement.” 

For those eager to embrace a fresh start this academic year, City Lit stands ready to guide learners on a transformative path.  
Embrace this opportunity to unlock your potential, acquire new skills, and embark on an exciting educational journey.  

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