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Opening Minds Opening Doors Podcast released on getting into teaching

What to teach, what it’s like to stand in front of a class for the first time and managing workloads.

The Prime Minister recently announced at the Conservative Party Conference his plans to invest in teacher recruitment and retention by giving those who teach key shortage subjects a payment of up to £6,000, tax-free per year, if they are in the first five years of their career.  The UK needs more teachers and the next Opening Minds Opening Doors Podcast is all about getting into teaching.  This is the Podcast for anyone who has ever wondered what teaching might be like, and how to get into it.  

A secondary school teacher, primary school teacher and assistant head teacher are on the panel, and they talk through how they got into teaching, what they love about the job and managing workloads. 

They discuss the different routes into teaching such as Teach First, PGCE, Schools Direct and teaching apprenticeships, opportunities that open up to you through teaching, and career progression.

Some of the other topics covered include:

  • Lesson planning
  • How it feels to stand in front of a class for the first time
  • How to pick what subject to teach
  • How to command a classroom
  • Working in primary versus secondary schools
  • How to understand children and what they need

Opening Minds Opening Doors is a brand-new inspirational education podcast created by E-ACT, a family of 28 academies. Each podcast theme, and featured guests, have been carefully chosen to cover a range of topics relevant to students, parents and those working in education. 

Tom Campbell, CEO of E-ACT said:

“Teachers know they have the best job in the world and I strongly encourage anyone who has thought it might be for them to listen to this episode.  Teaching is such a positive and rewarding profession and we all have an idea of what it might be like, but it’s great to hear from those in the classroom about what it’s really like and how they got there.”

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