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New scholarships launched to promote diversity in the tech sector

South Central Institute of Technology is excited to announce it is launching a new scholarship programme across its Oxfordshire and Berkshire hubs to promote diversity in the tech sector. 

The vision of the South Central Institute of Technology (SCIoT) is to increase the representation of black and ethnic minorities, women and other under-represented groups within the digital and technology sectors.  

To help make their programmes more representative of the modern society we live in, the SCIoT has developed three scholarship awards for higher education learners.  

The scholarships will cover 100% of the total cost of the tuition fees (£6,165) for either the Level 4 or Level 5 HNC or HND Digital Technologies programmes at Reading College and City of Oxford College – Technology Campus in Blackbird Leys. 

The scholarships will only be open to those from under-represented groups, those with disabilities and anyone identifying as female. 

Helping to deliver on a vision

Speaking about the launch of the new scholarships, Nancy Buckley, Director of Career Pathways for Technology at SCIoT anchor partner Activate Learning, said: “We are delighted to be launching these amazing new scholarships which we hope will help us to deliver on our vision to increase inclusivity in the tech sector.  

“Our hubs at Activate Learning’s Reading College and the City of Oxford College – Technology Campus in Blackbird Leys, serve incredibly diverse communities and my hope is that these communities will benefit from this. 

“I think it’s incredibly exciting to think about how we can work together to make a long-lasting change across the sector so that in the future, things like this won’t be needed to increase diversity.” 

Giving access to higher education

Bill Hunt, Director of Higher Education at Activate Learning, is the person responsible for setting up the scholarships for the SCIoT hubs in Oxford and Reading. 

He said: “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to create these scholarships that will cover the whole course cost for higher level qualifications within the SCIoT at Oxford and Reading.  

“The SCIoT vision is something that we want to help to achieve and hopefully there will be people out there who will now be able to access higher education that previously wouldn’t have been able to.” 

Applications for the new scholarship are live now and open to those who meet the necessary criteria for September 2022. 

For more information visit the student finance section of the SCIoT website

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