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Shipley College leading the way in healthcare

Shipley College(@Shipley_College) are leading the way in healthcare by being the first college in the UK to acquire HAL simulators – the world’s most advanced patient simulators. The College are also the first business in the UK to complement them with AI-driven conversational speakers to enhance the interaction.

The College has been recognised as a leader in digital innovation for healthcare following a successful bid to collaborate with other West Yorkshire colleges for Local Skills Improvement Funding as part of the Local Skills Improvement Plan for West and North Yorkshire.

Current and future Healthcare students will be trained in AI and robotics which will ultimately help reduce pressure on the frontline NHS, whilst delivering the healthcare workforce of the future.

The College will develop a curriculum to meet digitalisation in the Health sector – meaning they will soon be able to offer access to such groundbreaking resources as mixed reality (MR) robotic simulators, anatomage tables, and an immersive environment.

Health students studying nursing and midwifery and those progressing to become Oncologists, Physiotherapists, and Radiographers at the University of Bradford, alongside College students, will be trained on programmable and augmented reality robotics that simulate clinical diagnostics, childbirth, emergency medicine, minor surgeries, and personal and geriatric care conditions.

This project also will equip our existing clinical nursing and care wards with AI, AR/MR, and robotic simulation infrastructure needed to develop the future work-readiness of Health and Social Care professionals within West Yorkshire.

Principal and CEO of Shipley College Diana Bird explained that

“These cutting-edge resources will allow us to upskill Bradford’s current medical professionals with the AI tech skills the modern NHS needs – whilst training our students to become future-ready clinical and health care specialists.”

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