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SHOCKING 92% of students are experiencing loneliness

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Top tips from Yugo’s student experience expert, Denise Cruz, for students battling homesickness

As students settle into a new year away from home, embracing newfound independence as they transition from home to university life, the challenges of homesickness can often cast a shadow on this transformative experience. The winter months can feel like a dark and lonely period — especially if students are spending a lot of time inside studying when the days are short and the nights are long!

After a YouGov survey suggested loneliness is experienced by 92% of students, Yugo recognises the need for support during this transition and uncovered through its research that 61% of students aged 19-25 were concerned about feeling homesick when it came to moving away for the first time. To combat this, Yugo’s student experience expert Denise Cruz shares five top tips and tricks to help students combat loneliness and live their best life in their new home.

Create a Homey Haven: Personalise living spaces with cherished items, photos, and trinkets that remind you of home to bring a sense of belonging. A homey environment becomes a safe space and sanctuary, offering solace and familiarity during change.

Establish a Structured Routine: Structure and routine provide stability in the face of uncertainty. Thrive by creating a balanced schedule that includes study sessions, social activities, and self-care. Predictability fosters a sense of control and eases the transition.

Get Involved in Campus Life: Active participation in clubs, sports, or social groups on campus facilitates the formation of new connections and friendships. Involvement not only enriches the university experience but also creates a valuable support network.

Prioritise Self-Care: Emphasise the importance of physical and emotional well-being. A healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep, contributes to a positive mindset and overall resilience.

Stay Connected, Virtually: With 41% of students aged 19-21 worried about being away from their families, maintaining regular communication with family and friends through calls, video chats, or messaging apps is key. Virtual connections bridge the gap between physical distances, providing a comforting lifeline to the familiar.

Denise Cruz, Student Experience Manager, said:

“At Yugo, we understand that change is never easy, and adjusting to a new environment takes time. Prioritising self-care and self-compassion can go a long way to help maintain a positive outlook and minimise loneliness. In the spirit of fostering a supportive and nurturing environment, these top tips can help empower students to overcome homesickness and embrace the exciting challenges of independent living.”

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