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Student helps showcase photography talent of ex-soldier

A Barking & Dagenham College(@BarkingCollege) student has curated a stunning exhibition of previously unseen work from local ex-soldier, Adrian Bernadine.

The exhibition entitled ‘The Archive of Adrian Bernadine’ showcases the exceptional talent of Adrian, who is a local photographer and ex-soldier who served in the Cold War. 

Visitors get to see the images in their original Kodachrome 64 projected format, alongside photographic prints and a collection of items including photo albums, cameras and Army medals.

The whole show was curated by Barking & Dagenham College photography student Amy Daintree, who had spent many hours putting the exhibition together as part of her final project. 

Bennett, Programme Leader, Photography, at the College said: 

“It was a real honour and privilege to show the photographs of Adrian Bernadine for the very first time, and in their original format. I am extremely proud of Amy for curating this exhibition and the commitment and hard work put in to make this happen. As the facilitator, I have been fortunate to see Amy’s project grow from its very early beginnings to a night of discovery and knowledge for all who attended. The power of photography to witness life and to communicate this to an audience 60 years later is outstanding.”

The launch event, held in the College’s photography department, was a huge success.  It was also a chance for Adrian and Amy to be joined by current and past students, friends, family and colleagues for an evening that was filled with eager conversations and awe as guests got to see the images for the first time.

Adrian Bernadine said:

“People often doubt my experiences, but my photographs serve as proof of the places I’ve been and the memories I’ve made.” 

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