From education to employment

Studying Business in the UK suits my practical learning style

Olalla Alfonso Ledo

Olalla Alfonso Ledo grew up and studied in Spain, where she found herself at a crossroads in deciding whether to enter employment or continue her studies following completion of her high school studies. With a strong sense that she was not ready to start a career in Spain, Olalla decided to look for alternative options. 

Olalla said, “Education in Spain is exam-based with little opportunity for practical learning. My brother had studied English at Cambridge Regional College and he had a great experience, so I followed his example and moved to Cambridge to continue my education.”

Olalla was looking for an area of study that would enable to her demonstrate her practical abilities and found that the HNC Diploma in Business offered everything that she was looking for, including the opportunity to top-up to a full degree upon completion of the Higher National Diploma. In September 2021, Olalla began her Level 4 Business Diploma andnowfeels motivated in her studies and plans for a career.

Olalla added, “Initially, I found it difficult to adapt to a course in another country, not knowing anyone andstudying in a different language. My anxieties were soon dispelled as I adapted and met people with whom I was able to establish a relationship, which supported me in improving my English. I was thrilled to pass the first unit assessments, and I hang on to that as one of my greatest achievements so far.

I was aware of my learning on this course from the very beginning. The delivery of learning is fast-paced and detailed, and I have found that this has helped to focus on the subject. The knowledge I have gained has given me an insight into the various areas of Business and I now know the area in which I would like to specialise as I move forward with my studies.”

Reflecting on her experience of studying at CRC, Ollala concludes, “My experience of studying at CRC is proving to be a wonderful experience. My teachers are attentive, I am working with respectful peers and the excellent facilities make me feel comfortable in my studies.

I would recommend the course to anyone interested in Business related subjects. It is a course that offers the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge through your work, which makes it much more entertaining and practical.”

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