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The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance announce exciting collaboration with the Birmingham College Partnership as Patrons.

Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance

In a groundbreaking move towards promoting inclusivity and championing diversity in apprenticeships, Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet), South & City College, and Solihull College proudly announce their patronage of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance.

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance is a dynamic coalition dedicated to promoting equal opportunities and representation for individuals from diverse backgrounds within the apprenticeship landscape. BMet, South & City College, and Solihull College’s decision to become patrons underscores their unwavering commitment to cultivating a workforce that mirrors the rich tapestry of the communities they serve.

As patrons, BMet, South & City College, and Solihull College pledge to actively engage with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance mission of creating a more inclusive apprenticeship ecosystem. This partnership aligns with their shared vision of breaking down barriers and empowering individuals from underrepresented communities to access and thrive in apprenticeship programs.

This strategic alliance emphasises the colleges’ dedication to nurturing an environment where diversity is not only celebrated but actively integrated into the fabric of apprenticeship programs. The colleges are committed to leveraging their resources, expertise, and networks to advance the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance’s objectives and ensure that apprenticeships become more accessible and equitable for everyone.

“The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance welcomes BMet, South & City College, and Solihull College as valued patrons, recognising the pivotal role these institutions play in driving positive change within the apprenticeship sector. Together, they embark on a journey to reshape the future of apprenticeships, creating an inclusive landscape that reflects the diverse talents and aspirations of individuals across the region.” Said Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance (powered by Pathway Group)

Safaraz (Saf) Ali, Founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and CEO of Pathway Group said,

“I am absolutely delighted to witness BMet, Solihull College, and South & City College join hands as patrons of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance. This collaboration exemplifies a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the empowerment of individuals from all backgrounds. Together, we pave the way for a future where opportunities and potential knows no limits.”

Suzie Branch-Haddow Vice Principal BMet College said:

“We work very closely with the teams at South and City College Birmingham and with Solihull College and University Centre on a number of activities but I am so happy that we have come together under a joint patronage for Alliance – we are all committed to improving diversity in apprenticeships and we feel one of the best ways we can do this is by working closely together to share practice , ideas and activity”

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