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The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance is pleased to announce OAL (Occupational Awards Ltd) as their patron

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance is pleased to announce OAL (Occupational Awards Ltd) as their patron.

OAL support and partnership with the alliance further cements their commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality in apprenticeships. The alliance welcomes OAL contribution in creating opportunities for underrepresented communities and working towards meaningful employment for individuals.

Occupational Awards Limited (OAL) are a leading, not for profit, End-Point Assessment and Awarding Organisation. We are and always have been an Ofqual recognised EPAO and AO with a reputation for reliability, responsiveness and service. Our customers, both employers and providers, have been instrumental in our growth to be one of the top ten EPAOs in the country*.

Many of our employers and providers have been with OAL since day one and know they can rely on the OAL Team to provide the most up to date information and advice on our qualifications and standards and we work together as trusted partners. We work collaboratively with our customers to provide relevant occupationally specific qualifications and EPA that keeps the apprentice/learner at the heart of everything we do.

Jan Richardson-Walsh, CEO at OAL said

“As a not for profit business, OAL aim to increase the uptake and success of apprenticeships and further education, particularly in England but also across the UK and internationally. We recognise that education, is the greatest opportunity to level up and provide equality and equity for all. We also recognise that many different communities do not recognise or appreciate the value and opportunity that apprenticeships can bring and we want to work with the Multicultural apprenticeship alliance to broaden participation and increase opportunities for all.

We want to work in partnership with the alliance, to raise the profile of apprenticeships within those communities that currently do not embrace them as much as others. We also want the alliance to help us understand and overcome some of the barriers that these communities face when considering apprenticeships. With nearly 150 years of Further Education and apprenticeship experience in the Senior Leadership Team at OAL, we recognise the importance of EDI and social mobility as not only a driving force for good but also a vital part of any sustainable business.

Businesses with a diverse workforce and a diverse leadership team out perform similar businesses where the leadership and the board are not divers by up to 30%. If we could harness this and spread this message widely, the UK would not only be a better performing and more industrious, creative and efficient country, it would also be a happier place to be.”

Formed in 2017, originally as the ‘BAME’ Apprenticeship Alliance, The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance strives to promote social mobility, diversity, inclusion and equity in apprenticeships through three pillars:

  • Educate – organisations on building a diverse workforce
  • Engage – with the Multicultural community
  • Advocacy & Policy –  working with sector leaders to influence policy

Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic Partnership for the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, expresses his delight at Occupational Awards Ltd (OAL) becoming patrons of the alliance. He said

“I appreciate OAL’s commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality in apprenticeships and recognise the positive impact their support will have on marginalised communities. I look forward to working closely with OAL in furthering the alliance’s goals in increasing equity of opportunity for individuals from marginalised backgrounds.”

Safaraz Ali, the CEO of the Pathway Group and founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, extends a warm welcome to Occupational Awards Ltd (OAL) as patrons of the alliance. He expresses his appreciation for OAL’s support and dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in apprenticeships. Safaraz Ali said

“our partnership with OAL will greatly contribute to the alliance’s mission of creating equitable and meaningful opportunities for individuals who face challenges. I look forward to collaborating with OAL to drive positive change in the apprenticeship landscape.” I would also like to thank OAL for their support for The Festival of Apprenticeships and The Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards.

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