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The VR Hive Educational Mobile App Launch

The VR Hive announce the launch of their educational mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The VR Hive Mobile App, offers soft skills training accessed through smart phones and mobile VR headsets. Aimed at the education and commercial sector. The VR Hive have partnered with research institutes in the UK to create training that harnesses the experiential potential of VR for education. Through immersive learning, which improves knowledge retention, student engagement and course completion. The content on the mobile app is a diverse range of scenario-based learning, for example: health care, mental health practitioner, palliative care nursing with difficult conversations such as end of life, teacher training and management and leadership skills.

The VR Hive are an enthusiastic technology start-up company and their innovative products offer VR learning all from the comfort of your home, educational establishment or workspace. The VR Hive was built to make a difference to online education by re-inventing e-learning. Through the development of gamified learning utilising cutting edge technology such as VR, AI, cloud computing, cyber security, and 3D intuitive games that are inclusive, accessible, and safe. The team at The VR Hive, and their partners, are leading developers in the field of immersive education with ethical design. Their clients include, NHS, The University of Edinburgh, Suntory, HIE, University of the Highlands and Islands, Lakes College, Scottish Enterprise, Yeovil College and Screen Alliance Wales. The VR Hive’s VR and gamified training improves learning outcomes, reduces training time, and increases employee performance. The VR Hive are partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nvidia, InGAME, UNICEF and The Data for Children Collaborative, Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP), Innovate UK and the University of West of Scotland (UWS).

The VR Hive’s mission is to offer immersive, experiential education on mobile devices, desktop and on Head Mounted Displays for soft skills training that works.

Company Mission:

  • Accessible and affordable VR training
  • Improving course completion rates
  • Increasing knowledge retention and skill transfer
  • Obtain internationally recognised qualification

How The VR Hive Mobile App Works:

  • Search and select training
  • Learn and practice skills
  • Gain insights into your performance
  • Understand how to improve

The VR Hive Mobile App is an innovative way to access immersive learning while on the move. Users can access the content through mobile devices while travelling, or from work, college, university and at home. If they want a more immersive experience, they can use a mobile VR headset and really feel like they are in the experience.

Mobile VR Viewer

Users can take the experience one step further by putting the mobile device inside a mobile VR headset, for extra features. There is an instructional video in the app that shows the user how to use the app and even demonstrates how to use the app in a mobile HMD.

Features of The VR Hive Mobile App

Co-Designed Experiences that have been developed alongside industry professionals and educational institutions.

Responsive Feedback that detail various information to aid your development for a greater outcome.

360 Interactive Simulations that are designed to enhance a learner’s immersion and increase emotional attachment to the experience.

Anne Widdop, CEO of The VR Hive

Anne Widdop, CEO of The VR Hive.

“I’m working on bringing gaming strategy and immersive technology to education and I’m passionate about challenging the way students are assessed.  Can you imagine if you could get nationally recognised qualifications from playing video games? That’s what I want to achieve!  I’m so excited about the AI, gaming technology we are developing.  I’ve been in tech for a very long time and I just love what’s achievable now.”

The VR Hive Mobile App

For the best experience, immersive learning at your fingertips and exclusive features download now. To download The VR Hive’s Mobile App on IOS and Android go to:

Visit our website to find out more:

Danielle Wrayton, Immersive Learning Manager, The VR Hive.

Danielle has been working in games for education since 2006, programme leading and lecturing in Computer Games Development for 7 years, where she wrote two successful degree programs. Danielle is a published author and has a PGCE, HEA Fellowship, BA Hons Degree and two Master Degrees and is in the third year of a PhD at University of Essex. She currently works at The VR Hive.

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