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World Mental Health Day & Universal Music Day

World Mental Health Day & Universal Music Day

To celebrate both World Mental Health Day on October 10th and Universal Music Day (15th October), Percussion Play is highlighting the benefits of music, particularly outdoor music, for improving people’s well-being and happiness.

It has long been scientifically proven that listening to and creating music lifts people’s moods and creates a powerful sense of well-being. Outdoor activity has also been shown to enhance our mood, proven most recently during the pandemic when many embraced outdoor activities.

By combining both music and the ‘great outdoors’, Percussion Play believe its instruments can help create fun and laughter, helping support good mental health.

Percussion Play is the world-leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments and is seeing an ever-increasing interest in their inclusive outdoor instruments, with record sales in 2022. 
Percussion Play has recognized research into music therapy outlining the benefits of music for people’s mental health.  This research includes:

Rolvsjord in 2001 and Solli in 2008, who proved music therapy to have “unique motivating, relationship building and emotionally expressive qualities”

Geretsegge Mössler et al in 2017 showed there is evidence that musical interaction increases the quality of life of people living with mental illness.

Playing music can help to re-establish and re-balance our circadian, physiological and psychological internal rhythms.  When we play musical instruments, our brains are subconsciously responding to the patterns in the sounds trying to predict the music. This encourages our internal rhythms to begin to re-establish themselves and harmonize with the rhythm of the music.

Percussion Play has created a range of beautiful outdoor musical instruments which are played across the world in schools, libraries, parks, hospitals and senior living communities.  From the popular Calypso Chimes to the Harmony Flowers., Percussion Play’s instruments are designed to bring people together to create uplifting music.

Jody Ashfield, Founder and CEO of Percussion Play said:

“There is a proven link between good mental health and creating music, so here at Percussion Play we will be celebrating both World Mental Health Day and Universal Music Day.   As world leaders in the manufacturing of outdoor musical instruments we aim to champion the impact outdoor music can have on individuals and communities, helping relieve stress and anxiety.  We encourage everyone to get outside this year on both the 10th and 15th October and create and music”.  

You can read more research on the benefits of music on mental health here.

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