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YMCA Awards partners with UK Women in Action to create a Level 3 Award in Supporting Participation in Physical Activity: Menopause.

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with UK Women in Action – an organisation dedicated to shifting perceptions around midlife and menopause.

This strategic collaboration between our two organisations marks a significant milestone in addressing the aspirations of the 70% of individuals undergoing menopause who aspire to lead more active lives. In practical terms, this equates to approximately 9 million people in the UK seeking enhanced support and guidance on incorporating physical activity into their often-complex daily lives.

Together, YMCA Awards and UK Women in Action are creating a transformative qualification that promises to revolutionise the role of personal trainers in supporting and empowering individuals transitioning into menopause.

The qualification, YMCA Level 3 Award in Supporting Participation in Physical Activity: Menopause, is expected to launch in January 2024 and will equip personal trainers with a deep understanding of:

The Menopausal Experience

Personal trainers will explore the stages and effects of menopause, delving into the physiological and psychological impacts of decreasing hormone levels.

Overcoming Barriers 

Menopause often introduces barriers to physical activity, particularly for individuals navigating the perimenopausal and post-menopausal phases. The qualification will provide personal trainers with insights into identifying health risk factors and considerations for training, ensuring the safety of their clients.

Empowerment Through Intervention 

A critical aspect of this qualification is the introduction of interventions and strategies designed to offset the effects of menopause. These encourage individuals to engage in physical activity confidently and with the knowledge that they are being supported in their wellness journey.

This qualification will utilise YMCA Awards’next generation qualification principles to empower learners to build strong links between knowledge and skills and prepare them for the real world. It will also utilise UK Women in Actions’ ‘Midlife-Friendly™’ approach, to redefine personal training, prioritising the well-being of women in midlife through effective communication and empathy.

Co-founder of UK Women in Action, Emily Walters, says:

“We are delighted to be collaborating with YMCA Awards to reimagine personal training for women in midlife. This partnership underscores the importance of comprehending the nuances of midlife. It’s not merely a chronological milestone but a profound shift in a woman’s life. To truly support and empower these women, a holistic understanding of the whole journey is essential.”

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