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Black and South Asian content creators address external pressures around creative career pathways

The Open University is introducing its brand new YouTube series ‘In the common room with’, hosted by DJ and presenter Henrie Kwushue, which explores the routes to creative career pathways and highlights alternative education pathways.

The series aims to spark conversations around the importance of taking control of one’s future as guests address pressures and cultural barriers they faced by pursuing careers in the creative industry.

Each episode features a celebrity guest and their loved one as they discuss their background, education and journey towards their current career. Together with Henrie, they also break down the challenges associated with pursuing one’s passion instead of following a traditional university route.

The 4-episode YouTube series features:

  • Taz Alam (AKA ClickForTaz) is a British content creator best known for her hugely popular YouTube channel which has amassed tens of millions of views since she first started posting in 2015. In her episode, she is joined by her best friend Moon who is regularly featured on her YouTube channel.
  • Nas Majeed is a former Love Island contestant on season 6. Currently, he is pursuing a career in presenting while he has amassed over 400,000 followers on Instagram. In his episode, he is joined by his Mum.    
  • Eman Kellam is a Nigerian British actor, rapper, television presenter and YouTube personality. He is best known for his appearances on CBBC and his YouTube web show British Slang With Eman Kellam. In his episode, he is joined by his Dad.    
  • Nifè (AKA It’sjustNife)is a leading creator within the TikTok creator community who has taken the world of afro-dance by storm. The London-based dancer shares her content and spreads positivity on her social channels. In her episode, she is joined by her Mum.

DJ and presenter Henrie Kwushue said:

“It’s an incredible privilege to be able to speak to these four inspiring creators and presenters from the Black and South Asian communities. A lot of young people from these communities feel immense pressure to pursue traditional education and career paths but Taz, Nas, Eman and Nife show that this doesn’t have to be a path for everyone.

“It was refreshing to have honest conversations with these creators and their loved ones. Together with The Open University, we are hoping to show young people that there are flexible routes to higher education that also allow them to pursue their passions.”

The YouTube series, produced by Word on The Curb, launched on Sunday 30th April with new episodes dropping weekly.

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