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Careers Wales enhances Future Jobs Wales resource with local insights

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Careers Wales has announced an exciting update to its Future Jobs Wales resource, with the addition of essential regional job data. 

Future Jobs Wales, hosted on the Careers Wales website, offers real-time insights into the labour market, supplying individuals with key information to make decisions about their careers.

The resource was initially launched in 2023, providing job information focused on particular industries in Wales, which currently includes construction, energy and health.

Future Jobs Wales now allows users to explore regional industry-wide job information, filter by their local authority, and focus on the data that applies geographically to them.

Information that users can readily access for specific regional areas includes:

  • Jobs in demand
  • The largest industries employing the most people in the region
  • Projected job demand
  • Popular job roles
  • The skills that employers in specific industries are looking for
  • Priority sectors identified for growth or development in the region.

As well as gaining relevant knowledge to help make decisions about their careers, customers can enhance their employability and make the most of opportunities through understanding what employers are looking for within their chosen areas of interest.

Emma Blandon, head of digital and communications, said:

“Future Jobs Wales is a forward-looking interactive resource which we continue to develop to provide meaningful data to our customers.

“Since its launch in 2023, the resource has empowered people across the country with industry specific information to help them understand more about some of the options available to them.   

“With the addition of regional filters, this data will help individuals on a more personalised basis, enabling them to make informed decisions based on where they live or work.

“We’re now looking ahead at future developments of the resource, including additions to the industries featured.”

Over the coming months, the industries section of Future Jobs Wales will expand to include jobs in care, creative, digital and retail and customer service.

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