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Teaching is the most in-demand profession for British expats

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This year’s most popular jobs for Brits abroad – as searches for overseas vacancies soar

  • In the last 12 months, UK searches for ‘work abroad’ have increased by 56%
  • Dubai, Canada, and Australia are the most popular countries for British job seekers
  • Teaching jobs reigned in 271,680 searches, with a YOY increase of 30% 

New data reveals a surge of interest in overseas jobs, as UK searches for ‘work abroad’ have increased by 56% in the last 12 months, with the term continuing to soar, as of this month.

To find out more, overseas jobs specialists Anywork Anywhere analysed UK Google Search data from the last 12 months to reveal which countries and jobs are the most in demand right now. 

A spokesperson from jobs abroad specialists Anywork Anywhere said:

“It’s interesting to see such a huge increase in searches for jobs abroad. Teaching jobs are becoming increasingly popular, with an increase of 30% in the last 12 months, while at the same time, there also seems to be a growing demand for nursing, engineering, and hospitality jobs.

“There has also been a huge growth in searches for jobs in Dubai, where there is no income tax on salaries or wages paid, suggesting Brits are looking to take advantage of these benefits.”

With 271,680 searches in the last year, ‘teaching jobs abroad’are the most in-demand positions of 2022. 

Searches for jobs in hotels landed second place, with 33,840 annual searches, along with chef jobs (5,880) and bartending vacancies (3,480).

Nursing is also another popular profession (22,560), with jobs in animal care also making the top 10 list. Those looking for a place to both live and work are searching for ‘au pair’ jobs, which has increased by 56% YOY.

Interestingly, searches related to ‘jobs in construction’ have increased by a staggering 133% YOY, while jobs in engineering are the fourth most searched for career abroad, along with electrician jobs which received 19,680 annual searches. 

Most Popular  CareersAnnual UK searchesIncrease YOY 21-22
Hotel staff33,84056%
Au Pair15,72056%
Animal care6,60057%

The most popular countries for UK job hunters

Analysing a comprehensive list of the most popular countries for British expats, we were also able to uncover which countries UK job hunters want to work in. 

On average, there have been 1,072,080 searches for terms related to ‘Jobs in Dubai’ from June 21-22, with a whopping increase of 83%.

Canada is the second most popular country with 821,280 annual searches, followed by Australia (742,080). 

European hotspot, Spain, comes in fourth place, while neighbours, Italy, Germany, and France also make the top 10 list. 

The USA is another popular country for Brits looking for work abroad, receiving 424,680 annual searches. 

Thailand lands further down the list in 10th place, with 190,560 annual searches on average. Despite not being the most popular destination for job seekers, searches have increased by 69% YOY, suggesting a growing number of Brits are considering working here.

CountryYOY changeNo. of monthly searchesNo of annual searches
New Zealand26%28,100337,200


This data was sourced using Google Keyword Ad Planner. To find the most searched for jobs, we analysed the search volumes for keywords related to a list of 50 occupations when paired with the phrase ‘jobs abroad’.

For the most searched for countries, we used a list of popular international countries, pairing each one with the phrase ‘jobs in’(e.g., ‘jobs in Dubai’)and analysed the volumes for the keyword and its related terms. We were also able to see the YOY increase in search volume, from June 2021 to June 2022. 

Google Trends data was also used to find the increase in searches for ‘work abroad’

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