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Coping with Results Day on the back of a pandemic

Sheila McMahon

Coping with Results Day on the back of a pandemic 

With A Level and GSCE exam results just around the corner we have been speaking to mental health expert Sheila McMahon for her tips on how to handle Results Day.

The pandemic has seen levels of anxiety rise in students and parents for different reasons so Results Day this year will come on the back of a challenging academic year – but what impact can we expect this to have?

And, if exam results don’t go as hoped, how can students and parents manage this?

Put things into perspective – your best IS good enough.

Mental health counsellor Sheila McMahon, based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, said:

“If pupils don’t do as well as hoped in their exams, sometimes it can help to put things into perspective.

“These pupils have been through a pandemic that none of us had expected.

“The pandemic has created levels of anxiety and uncertainty that has been off the scales for some people, that to actually sit an exam or go to school, or be home schooled with all this uncertainty, is an achievement in itself.

“All you do can do is your best at that time and that is good enough.”

Sheila, whose extensive work with young people, teachers and schools, includes helping students at Lichfield schools to put their thoughts into perspective in the run up to their exam results, added:

“It’s important to also remember that many people who don’t do well in exams go on to study and succeed later on in life.

“Other people do great in exams and get the results they want to study their preferred topic only to find out months, even years down the line, that they want to pursue something else!

“While some young people don’t know what career they want to do and that’s ok too! Sometimes it takes ‘Life’s University’ to find out what feels right for you.”

Whatever will be will be

She went on to say:

“Whatever will be will be.

“At the time, a negative result can feel like the end of the world however it can feel very different years from now when you find yourself doing something that you love regardless of your results.”

Sheila has a YouTube Channel where she has created a video to help children with anxiety which you can find here –

Sheila, who as a successful comedienne sells out her mental health shows at the Lichfield Garrick, will also return as a keynote speaker to deliver a talk on “How to keep calm and carry on” at this year’s Sandwell Schools Head Teachers Conference 2021 in October, which will involve schools from across Staffordshire.

by Sheila McMahon, CEO of Mind Management For you based in South Staffordshire.

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