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#FutureOfAssessment : What innovations are next? | Episode 8


Future of Assessment: what innovations can we expect to see?

Hosted by Gavin O’Meara and Dean Blewitt (Learning Innovation Manager, NCFE), we invited Peter Twining (University of Newcastle – Australia) to discuss what assessment innovation means in practice and what the future holds, as we find new ways of working that meets the changing needs of learners and educators across the globe today. NCFE is focused on exploring the future of assessment to ensure that learners have access to the world-class products and services that help them to fulfil their potential, not just in terms of academic attainment or employment outcomes, but also their wellbeing, mental health and happiness. 

So, what are the key ingredients that are required to create a system that is truly transformational? To support with this, NCFE recently launched £1 million worth of funding to support centres, employers, awarding organisations and other stakeholders in piloting new and innovative approaches to assessment. Phase one of this Innovation Fund is now complete and this show shines a spotlight on some of the fantastic new and interesting ideas that came out of this, and how we will pilot these new approaches to test their validity. From virtual reality to digital badges, what innovations can we expect to see as learning expands far beyond the classroom?

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