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IMI appoints Head of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Sally-Anne Hodder

Sally-Anne Hodder appointment reflects IMI commitment to continued EDI progress in the automotive sector

As the evolution of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) frameworks continues across the automotive sector, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has appointed experienced EDI advocate, Sally-Anne Hodder as Head of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. In her previous role as Head of HR & Business Support at the IMI, EDI was a significant focus for Sally, including being a key stakeholder in the implementation, launch and ongoing development of the IMI’s Diversity Task Force.

Leading the Physical & Non-Visible Disabilities working group of the Diversity Task Force, Sally not only set out to understand how the motor sector can be a more attractive place to work in for all. She also wanted to identify how to deliver tangible solutions to help automotive businesses prepare for a more diverse future workforce by improving equity and inclusion in their businesses now. This work is crucial for sector businesses to address the high vacancy rates and skills shortage and will complement the launch of the IMI’s latest campaign, ‘There’s More to Motor’, which aims to shift widespread perceptions and showcase the vast array of career opportunities for school leavers, graduates and career changers alike.

“In my role leading the HR team, I gained a real insight into how important it is to have a diverse workforce. My work with the Task Force has reinforced this, but also highlighted that it is equally important to understand the changes we need to make to be more equitable and inclusive in the workplace to welcome and retain that more diverse workforce. This is important for us as an organisation as well as for the wider automotive sector,” commented Sally.

“From a personal perspective I was only too aware of the difficulties faced by those with disabilities because my daughter is autistic and has learning disabilities herself. Together we have had to overcome numerous challenges both through the school system and now trying to find employment.

“I passionately believe we must all be responsible for educating ourselves about others with different backgrounds and life experiences. Indeed, by being part of the IMI Diversity Task Force I have gained a significantly broader view of the scale of challenges faced by those with different disabilities, as well as those whose background, gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity is different to mine.

“It is an honour to take on this new role. I am passionately committed to ensuring constant learning in all areas of EDI. There is so much to learn and the need for up-to date knowledge never stops. It’s vital that we ensure our own internal work for IMI colleagues is guided by the insights we have collectively gained. We also need to bring these insights to benefit the wider automotive sector. As such, we’ll be offering continual training and development opportunities for our own employees, our members, industry employers and stakeholders.”

Lesley Woolley, Chief Operating Officer at the IMI added,

“Sally has shown the utmost commitment to changing cultures and improving diversity and inclusive opportunities within the IMI and the wider automotive industry. Her drive is inspirational and we are excited to see what she does next.

“Automotive employers are keen to make changes to become more inclusive, but many do not know how or where to start. Sally is already helping these businesses learn from each other’s experiences, challenges and successes. Her new role encompasses both internal and external audiences, nurturing strong links between what we are learning and implementing with the sector through the Diversity Task Force to influence positive change, as well as what we do for our own colleagues.”

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