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New student governor is ready to make a difference

Jodie Willis Hey, a health and social care student, has been elected as the new student governor for Tameside College and Clarendon Sixth Form College.

Jodie will sit on the board of governors, the college’s decision making body, for two years to give students across both sites a voice on matters ranging from social space to teaching. She will also, alongside the Student Forum which she is a member, be a focal point for students’ ideas, opinions and concerns at the college.

The new student governor was elected from the three candidates who were put forward for the role. Each had to produce a manifesto to share their ideas and then students voted for one of the candidates in tutorial sessions to select the winner.

Jodie, a former Saddleworth High School student, said: “I’m really pleased that I was chosen to be the next student governor and I am really looking forward to working with the other board members. My manifesto was all about bringing to light the things that matter to students the most, such as the college environment and social issues. I hope to deliver on these things. Thank you to everyone that voted for me.”

Christopher Lea, pastoral and student support coordinator at Tameside College, said: “It’s a good opportunity for the college to hear what our students have to say, which is extremely important to us. I’m looking forward to working with Jodie and seeing her develop in the role. I’m sure she’ll be a credit to the organization and the students which she represents.”

To find out more about the student governor and the Student Forum, contact the college on 0161 908 6600.

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