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FE Careers launch Apprenticeship Job Search to help increase the number of Apprenticeship starts

Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE Careers

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary as a specialist job advertising site in Further Education, Work Based Learning and Employability, FE Careers launched an additional job board for Apprenticeship and Work Based Learning jobs called Apprenticeship Job search.

Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE Careers, explains the reason behind the re-development of FE Careers and the launch of the new Apprenticeship Job Search:

Market Leaders for 15 Years

FE Careers has been established since 2003 and has traditionally offered job advertising solutions for the staff within Work Based Learning and Apprenticeship Training Providers, Colleges, Awarding Bodies and specialist Recruitment agencies in FE.

Over the past couple of years there have been major Government reforms in Further Education, particularly within Apprenticeships.

FE Careers has had a total re-development, and now offers advertisers in the learning and development sector one dashboard, with access to two job boards:

FE Careers for learning and development staff and Apprenticeship Job Search for their Apprenticeship vacancies.

The job advertising and CV credits are transferrable across both sites.

The new site development has moved FE Careers from a traditional job board model into a specialist job portal, attracting candidates at both ends of the Work Based Learning market; supporting advertisers, whilst helping candidates find exciting new roles across Work Based Learning and Apprenticeships more easily.

We have developed a range of new solutions, using cutting edge technology to make life easier. Not only can Providers, Colleges and Employers use our traditional job credit model, we have also introduced some innovative new AI managed advertising services to capitalise on our new advertising network of 3.5million candidates per month.

Our new Premium Jobs use Artificial Intelligence to place adverts and manage advertising budget across multiple websites for hard to fill or urgent vacancies.

Apprenticeship Levy

Further Education has gone through the biggest reform in a generation. The Apprenticeship World is now very different compared to a year ago. We think the Apprenticeship Levy is really exciting and long term will be an incredibly positive move for the Work Based Learning sector.

Prior to the Apprenticeship Levy only 15% of large employers engaged in Apprenticeships, the Apprenticeship Levy has transformed this, which is fantastic. Now Apprenticeships are in mainstream news, they are rightly seen by employers as a crucial talent development strategy. Apprenticeships have developed and have been really transformed.

Apprenticeships are now available for all ages and abilities. In the past year the biggest growth has been in Degree and Master’s level Apprenticeships. This growth has also been significant at nearly 600% in a year.

Career Progression

There is now a distinct work-based learning route in the UK, which is fantastic. We have a system that can truly rival other G7 nations and with the Apprenticeship Levy there is now a clear Apprenticeship career progression route.

Organisations are able to take on entry level staff who have left school, which start at a Level 2 or Intermediate Apprenticeship, through to Masters Level or Level 7 Apprenticeships. This is absolutely fantastic as rivals the Germanic Meister Level Apprenticeship system.

Apprenticeships are no longer about getting your first job, or an alternative to University, with HND, Degree and Masters Level Apprenticeships you can go to Uni while you learn and earn.

Most importantly, to be on an Apprenticeships you are in a real job, so you are also gaining work experience and making a difference to an employer as well.

Next Stage

We felt that although the Apprenticeship market had changed drastically, the support services for Work Based Learning and the delivery of Apprenticeships were not reflecting the fast-moving World of Apprenticeships.

With all the upheaval over the past year, from funding reforms to the transition from frameworks to standardsApprenticeship starts have fallen through the floor, we felt now was the right time to offer a bespoke service to our clients and candidates.

We had a good hard look at what the industry needed, and then developed a completely revolutionary job advertising solution, re-built from the ground up with our clients’ needs in mind.

I am really confident we can do our bit to enable our clients to increase the number of Apprenticeship starts across the UK, to increase productivity in businesses and social mobility in the UK.

Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE Careers

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