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Countdown to the FE Collective: Latest Updates

Introducing the FE Collective

2023 marks 20 years of FE News! To celebrate, we are launching our first in-person event... The FE Collective!

Join us for our first FE Collective: Thinking about Artificial Intelligence and Investing in the Sector of the Future, sponsored by NCFE.

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Your time matters to us. To celebrate your participation in the FE Collective, you will be able to claim CPD hours for your attendance!

We will also have a DJ on the scene for the BBQ… This is a not-to-miss networking event which includes the Launch of NCFE’s latest report!

Attendees, keep an eye out for an important email on Monday where you will be able to pick what discussion group you will work in to contribute to the report!

We’re Flipping the Script! What is the FE Collective?

The FE Collective is a flipped conference, where the audience will work together collaboratively to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the FE and Skills sector. To collectively share ideas, visions and solutions for the system of the future.

The FE Collective is outcome driven so the whole point is to create an easy-to-digest report and action points. This idea is to give the voice and power of shaping an outcome and solution-led report to the sector… and everyone is welcome to help shape that report at a FE Collective gathering.

We kick off on the evening of the 16th of October with an Inclusive Networking BBQ. The FE Collective will then gather on the 17th of October 2023.

But it doesn’t end here! The purpose of the event is to build a collective report. This report will be an outcome-driven, collaborative report. For the sector, by the sector. An easy-to-digest report, with key takeaways, but all created by working together at the FE Collective event.

Everyone’s voice is welcome and important for creating the report! Come along to the first-ever FE News Conference!

What will you get out of the event?

The audience are changemakers, as they will be shaping the report with ideas and solution. You will be a key part of curating a leading sector report on Artificial Intelligence and Investing in the sector of the future.

The morning is about ‘scene setting’ with influencers and sector experts setting the scene. We then break into working groups to collaboratively work on the report and solutions, the audience (change makers) working with the expert ‘scene setters’ who are moderating and facilitating their group to draw out ideas and solutions for the report. The expert ‘scene setters’ in effect become ‘servant leaders’ helping the group share their ideas and solutions.

Like we said. This is a totally flipped conference. You don’t just get to hear from experts in their field, but you also get to work with them to collaboratively construct a sector-led report.

On top of all of this… By attending and getting involved, you will even gain a micro-credential! So your CPD and your involvement in the professionalisation of the sector is a highly important aspect of the event.

FE Collective Aims and Outcomes

A massive aim of the FE Collective is to be outcome driven. This is a flipped report – no chalk and talk here! It is an interactive event where you help to set the narrative!

The FE Collective reports are based on a collective intelligence and knowledge exchange structure. Simply put, a mass group think tank where everyone’s voice is welcome! Everyone who attends the FE Collective gathering is encouraged to contribute and share their ideas, vision and shape the report. They will all be working with the expert ‘scene setters’.

In fact, the expert thought leaders and influencers will actually be facilitating or moderating the group to encourage ideas. So as an attendee you will not only be able to hear from experts in their field, but actually work with them on the report at the gathering.

The idea is for the report to be truly sector driven.

This report is being put together collaboratively in an agile way, with ETF co-sponsoring the report alongside our main sponsor NCFE.

We are all about collaboration and bringing the sector together to come up with solutions. For the FE Collective to work, we need your first-hand experience and ideas! In our first-ever FE Collective, we are bringing together charities, sector bodies, thought leaders, global influencers… but most importantly you!

With the report, we are aiming for it to be constructed and delivered in a new, revolutionary way- with key takeaways that everyone can use and adopt. The report will also include visuals, video, mindmaps and long-form reports that will be impactful for everyone in the sector. If it can work, we even want to make it very visual and even incorporate art if we can. We are keeping accessibility in mind, so everyone will be able to understand and take action!

The FE Collective Movement

If you have been in senior leadership for a while, you will no doubt have been to an event or two. Some can be very ‘chalk and talk’… others really get you pumped up, but by the time you get back to the ‘rough and tumble of work’ things can, unfortunately, be soon forgotten.

So we wanted the FE Collective to be outcome driven and hopefully a movement that constantly looks at key topics and adapts as life, work and industry changes occur. How we can improve and adapt? We also want the FE Collective to be about diverse thinking and that everyone is welcome to help shape reports and outcomes.

We are also working in an agile way. The audience are all working together, we have servant leadership from our influencers and thought leaders setting the scene. We are also keen to look at topics regularly, adapt and re-look at reports as industry and the sector adapts.

We are even thinking of exploring instant feedback at the event with a group Retrospective, what can we improve upon, what has gone well, etc.

A massive aim and hope is that the FE Collective can become a movement. Where everyone is welcome and can shape the outcomes.

FE Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking

Everyone is welcome and we also want to encourage a place where people can suggest innovative ideas, some of the best innovative ideas can appear a bit wild and whacky to begin with. This is fine. Also innovation usually means we don’t get it right the first time.

This is our first-ever event, and this is a brand new format of event and report. Being open, we think we need to be innovative to tackle the challenges in the FE sector, but also for the FE and Skills sector to be able to offer relevant solutions to industry. So for our first few events, we will make mistakes and being open, this is fine. It isn’t very innovative if we are safe and don’t push the boundaries.

This is a journey. So we know we will be able to improve things for FE Collective part 2, part 3 etc when we tackle other challenges faced by the sector. It is sort of the point of being agile, we know we will hit bumps in the road, but together we will re-route and get to the final destination.

So we are being open and honest. Also, we don’t have all of the answers…. but we hope those that gather have some cool suggestions and ideas. We want to encourage people to be innovate at the gatherings as well. For this to work, we need people to share ideas.

This is not an event where people will be afraid to speak up, or share an idea, or not want to put their head above the parapet. Everyone is together, everyone wants to see positive change. Everyone encouraging each other. Free speech and out-of-the-box thinking, is encouraged!

So we would love for you to join us on this journey. It’s exciting, but we literally can’t have an FE Collective without you and unless people share their ideas, vision and gather to suggest solutions and ideas. So we would love for you to join us.

Gavin O’Meara, CEO and Founder, FE News and FE Careers, said:

The FE Collective, has literally been rattling around inside my head for about four years now. I think we need to try a new model and new approach to conferences and sector events, to give everyone a voice, but to be outcome driven.

To have outcomes like reports are cool, but we need it to be easily accessible and have key takeaways that everyone can use. I know we have so many expert voices, views and experience in the sector, that if we can come together, and put that down in an easy to access report, together we will come up with a really cool and powerful sector led report. So the FE Collective movement will be launched in October 2023 in the Studio in Birmingham. Come and join us to help the sector showcase our expertise and solution led approach. Together we can and will make a difference.

FE Collective is open to all!

We want everyone to have a voice. To ensure this, we have a limited number of tickets available.

Together, we will be the true voice of the FE sector… but you will need to move fast to secure your place in the FE Collective!

We have even created a FE Collective mug on our Merch site! Check it out here.


What is a flipped conference?

You won’t just listen to speakers at our flipped conference, you’ll get to actively work with them and shape a report for the sector, by the sector. This is a new concept event and report.

We have announced some of our epic speakers! Here are some of our speakers:

Keep an eye out on our socials for our announcements…

Who will benefit from attending the FE Collective?

If you are passionate about making a difference and having an impact on the further education eco-system, this event is for you!

Our first FE Collective is all about artificial intelligence and funding the sector of the future.

If you want to hear about AI in education, its impact and how we can work collectively as a sector to improve and fund these positive changes, come along to the FE Collective!

What are the different ticket options?

We have three different tickets for the FE Collective. VIP. You will have access to the main event and the exclusive networking BBQ. General Admission. Entry to just the main event on the 17th. Networking BBQ. Entry to just the exclusive networking BBQ on the 16th

Is there a dress code?

At the FE Collective, we are flipping the script. It is not a chalk-and-talk conference. So the dress code is therefore smart-casual.

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