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Reflecting on the resiliency of learners and trainers for World Youth Skills Day

Brad Tombling, Customer Success Director at training management platform Bud Systems

#WYSD2021 – As we edge closer to the end of lockdown rules, for World Youth Skills Day today (15 Jul), we’re reflecting on the resilience of youth – and their support network – through this crisis.

It’s this demographic that have been hit hardest in terms employment opportunities but seeing the training provider industry rally together to try to minimise the impact on learning has been remarkable. 

Embracing a long-term digital future

Whilst many providers saw drops in apprenticeship numbers last year, our research [Learning the lessons of lockdown] with the AELP in August 2020 highlighted the resilience and adaptability of the sector. The instant requirement to switch to distance learning saw changes that would normally take years, implemented in weeks.

Despite teething problems to overcome, the result for providers was overwhelmingly positive. It’s encouraging that many are now also seeing the positive impacts on their learners too. Many providers have taken these changes forward and have re-engineered their approach to embrace a long-term digital future. It is this approach that is going to give the industry, learners, colleges and employers the best chance of recovery.  

Laying the groundwork for learners of the future

Although it’s been accelerated, in reality we are still in the infant stages of where digital transformation can take many business sectors, not least education. Bud Systems itself is a training management platform based on a foundation of data gathering and designed around a framework of real-world regulatory reporting requirements.

Today it offers a platform for training providers to easily generate the necessary insights into individual learner performance in real time and to take timely remedial action if necessary. But it is also laying the groundwork for learners of the future.  

Technology can be very effective in training delivery with repeated engagement and simulation making it incredibly powerful. Crucially, it can also take manual and time-consuming actions away from the trainer to increase efficiency. The trainer is then free to focus on any actions relating to raising the standards of teaching and improving outcomes for learners. 

Giving learners the autonomy to decide

We’re edging towards a future where the learning journey can also be customised for each learner according to their own preferences. This is going to be required if the industry is to meet the demands of Generation Z. There is so much more to gain by giving learners the autonomy to decide on how they want to learn and supporting them on their chosen path. Success here depends on ditching a one-size-fits-all approach and instead nurturing  the strengths and growth in each individual’s learning journey.  

Access to technology is really the key to unlocking these innovations in education, and the focus will be on quality of content delivery, monitoring of individual learners and customising the learning journey to improve engagement whilst being proactive in intervention and support those who are struggling the most. 

Brad Tombling, Customer Success Director at training management platform Bud Systems

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