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Reform UK’s 2024 General Election Manifesto

Reform UK’s 2024 General Election Manifesto

Reform UK wants an education system that ensures young people are proud of Britain and learn the skills, character and values to succeed in life.

International Student Policies

Employer Immigration Tax to Pay for Apprenticeships

The National Insurance rate will be raised to 20% for foreign workers. According to Reform UK, this would incentivise businesses to employ British citizens whose National Insurance rate would stay at 13.8%. Essential foreign health and care workers would be exempt from the tax, as would businesses who employ 5 staff members and under. This would boost wages and could raise more than £20 billion over five years to pay for apprenticeships and training for young Brits.

Reform UK’s Benefits pledge savings = £15 billion PA

Back to work and NEETs – Motivating up to 2 million People Back to Work

Reforms to benefit support and training will help people back into work. Particular focus on 16-34 year olds. Employment is critical to improving mental health. Tax relief for businesses that undertake apprenticeships.

Tackle Youth Crime – Reopen High-Intensity Training Camps for young offenders

Reopen High-Intensity Training Camps for young offenders to teach basic education, teamwork and values.

Permanent Exclusions for Violent and Disruptive Students

Reform pledge to double the number of Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) so schools can function safely and also ensure that best practice is spread across PRUs.

Reform: Government Spending Needs Major Reform

Reform UK will slash wasteful spending to increase funding for frontline public services and reduce taxes for working people.

Government Departments asked to Save £5 in every £100

Reform has said that every Government department must slash wasteful spending, cut bureaucracy, improve efficiency and negotiate better value procurement without touching frontline services. This will save £50 billion per year, ensure tax cuts and boost our economy.

Higher Education Policies

Bar International Student Dependents

Introduce new visa rules for international students that bar dependents. Only international students with essential skills can remain in the UK. Close down ‘fake courses and immigration schemes’ that abuse the rules.

Scrap Interest on Student Loans and extend loan capital repayment periods to 45 years

Extend loan capital repayment periods to 45 years. Restrict undergraduate numbers well below current levels, the Reform ‘Contract with You’ says too many courses are not good enough and students are being ripped off. Enforce minimum entry standards.


Cut Funding to Universities that Undermine Free Speech

The government’s Free Speech Act is toothless. Allowing political bias or cancel culture must face heavy financial penalties.

Universities Must Provide 2-Year Undergraduate Courses

The option of 2-year courses would reduce student debt and allow earlier entry into employment to help pay it off.

End Doctor and Nurse Shortages

All frontline NHS and social care staff are to pay zero basic rate tax for 3 years. This will help retain existing staff and attract many who have left to return. End training caps for all UK medical students. Write off student fees pro rata per year over 10 years of NHS service for all doctors, nurses and medical staff.

Military Education

Free education both during and after service is vital to ensure a successful return to civilian life.

Private Education Relief

Tax relief of 20% on all Independent Education No VAT on Fees.

If parents can afford to pay a bit more, we should incentivise them to choose independent schools. This will significantly ease pressure on state schools and improve education for all.

Read the full Manifesto here

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