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Result! – FE Soundbite 457

FE Soundbite 457

This week we saw A Level and BTEC results released this week, entries into STEM subjects continue to rise and we have a budding bunch of Mathletes (with Maths retaining the title as the most popular A Level).

There was also an increase in girls taking STEM subjects, and the number of women taking A Level Computing has increased five-fold in five years from 245 in 2013 to 1211 in 2018. Woo-hoo!

Again, you can break down statistics any old way you want to, but basically the Apprenticeship starts are still down… I think the tide will turn soon!

Stephen Lambert’s article: Farewell Citizenship – A Level results out today was the most popular article this week.

I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!




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16 August 2018

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