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Big changes for holiday pay – FE Soundbite edition 654

Gavin O'Meara

Welcome to FE Soundbite, this is our weekly newsletter and e-journal brought to you by FE News. This is edition 654 (so we have been producing FE Soundbite for over 12.5 years).

Harpur v Brazel and why a part-time music teacher has a massive impact for holiday pay and entitlement

Harpur Trust v Brazel may not stand out to you… I must admit that when I heard about the upcoming High Court hearing that was coming up, I was like erm. The implications of the High Court hearing are massive: Part time teachers entitled to full-time holiday pay.

So I would highly recommend checking it out… if you are leader and making decisions on your existing and future teams… or if you have a Part-Time contract, this High Court ruling has massive implications for staff resourcing and planning, so we have set up a Harpur Trust v Brazel tag page with all of the content (we have more coming next week to explain this and the implications in more detail).

Plus this all happened just in time for the end of the summer term and the start of the summer holidays. So talk about interesting timing! If this week has been manic for you, I would highly, highly recommend checking this out hearing details and what the implications mean for you as an individual and definitely check it out if you are a leader.

Interesting thought leadership articles from this week: Don’t underestimate the vital role of true leadership

On FE News this week, we have had some really interesting exclusive thought leadership articles.

My mate Kirstie Donnelly wrote a really interesting article: Don’t underestimate the vital role of true leadership… and another good friend to FE News is Ian Sackree and he also wrote another interesting leadership article and asked an interesting question: Do Leaders have to leave a legacy?

Strategic thinking around careers

Another good friend of mine (Deirdre is absolutely lovely), is Deirdre Hughes… and Deirdre knows a thing or two about Careers Advice and Guidance: Career Development: Be Bold, Be Brave.

Jason Turton writes a great piece on encouraging the next generation into cyber careers. Yasmin White asks if Encouraging women in STEM: an answer to the green skills gap?

T Levels are nearly 2 years old!

Sarah Wilson explores the achievements, and challenges, of T Levels. Professor Rana Mitter FBA, Vice-President for Public Engagement at the British Academy writes: Academics are back in the spotlight but must take every opportunity to build on the public’s renewed trust in them

Paul Mudd also wrote a very interesting article: “Enough Is Enough – So, Let’s Stop All The Nastiness Now!”

Skills and Employability gaps in the UK and USA

James O’Dowd has written a really interesting article: State of the Union: Employability, further education, and the skills gap in the UK and US

FAB’ulous: FAB are celebrating their 20th anniversary!

Strike, Strike, Strike!

Staff at exam board AQA are to stage a 72-hour walkout ​that could affect the delivery of thousands of GCSE and A-level results, UNISON said on Friday (21st July 2022). The employees, including those involved in organising the awarding of grades, will walk out for three days from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July in a dispute over pay. 

UCU announced that staff at 29 colleges in England will join the wave of industrial action sweeping the country after huge numbers voted in favour of strike action. Interestingly, DfE then announced.. literally the next day: Government delivers landmark rises to teachers’ salaries

Interesting reports and announcements from this week on FE News

Two Million courses have been started through the National Tutoring Programme.

The ONS released their latest Labour Market Information: “Wage-price spiral may already be starting” as labour shortages continue to hold back growth

Plus… SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! … my youngest just finished up at Primary School this week… I am feeling old!

I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!

Gavin, CEO and Founder, FE News and FE Careers

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