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Easter Special | FE Soundbite #640

Easter FE News Soundbite

Welcome to FE Soundbite Weekly Journal Edition #640

Happy Easter! I hope you have a fantastic Easter break.. for me, I am planning hot cross buns and chocolate eggs! Oh yes!

Big news this week was more announcements from ONS on the Labour Market figures. The first time in 50 years there are now as many vacancies as there are unemployed people! Latest ONS Labour market figuresunemployment dropped to 3.8%. The vacancy rate remains high at 1.3 million, and economic inactivity continues to rise to 21.4%. We are due to have an article from ONS soon, so keep your eyes peeled for this!

Also.. more details on Multiply came out this week, which is a programme for adults to improve their numeracy skills.

We also had some brilliant exclusive articles from Charlotte Bonner on sustainable education, STEM aspirations and AELP’s Simon Ashworth talking about Rishi’s Apprenticeship contemplations (it is not a review… let’s be clear… not a review, ha, ha)… and the House of Lords on Student Loans.

The FE News audience are a brilliant group of thinkers!

I was updating our media pack the other day with some up to date info and then I stumbled across this awesome piece of data and insight:

It is official, the FE News audience are a brilliant group of thinkers.. as well as FE News you, our audience also like to read The Times, The Telegraph and the New York Times… so thank you for being awesome!.. and our traffic has gone up 23% in a month, we are now up to 132,000 unique visitors, so all is good.

Thank you, I would much rather be helping a group of thinkers who check out the NY Times and the Telegraph than the Sun! So thanks for being awesome!

Happy Easter!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!

Gavin, CEO and Founder, FE News and FE Careers

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