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We love you all – FE Soundbite #466

FE Soundbite 465

Welcome to FE Soundbite Edition #466

This week was Colleges Week and Love our Colleges. It is great to have weeks like this, I also want to point out that I love all of the sector, not just colleges.

I think there should be an increase in funding for training providers as well as colleges.

AELP regularly quote that they do deliver 75% of all Apprenticeships, so when is there going to be a similar week for Providers?

So, from FE News, I want to show our love to colleges, training providers, employer providers, six forms, UTC’s, employability specialists, careers advisory services, charities, awarding organisations and even the civil servants. You’ve gotta love our civil servants!

Our most popular article this week was from Jim Carley which was a reflective and very constructive piece on 3aaa: Another wake up call for the ESFA and Ofsted?

We ran a load of stats this week… sometimes we get a bit into sorting out other people’s content, that we forget to look at how we are doing.

According to Google Analytics the FE News page views have had a 483% increase over the past two years.

The past 30 days we have had 47,500 unique visitors on FE News. So we’re smashing it!

A massive thank you from us and thank you for all of your support. We should really put an infographic together about that, so there will be an infographic coming to you soon.

Have a great weekend. I know many of you will be off for half term this week. Have fun!

I am off to Santiago on Monday for some personal time. My Dad and brother are finishing the Camino de Santiago on Tuesday. It will be good to support them, they are walking in memory of my Mum who died two years ago due to a brain tumour. I don’t know how much fun it will be (other than I am staying above a tapas bar!), but it will be good to remember what is important.

Please remember to share the love across all of the sector… together we are stronger! One united positive voice is far more powerful than a bunch of individuals.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!

Gavin, CEO and Founder, FE News and FE Careers

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