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Going Green? FE Soundbite Edition 711

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Welcome to FE Soundbite Edition 711, 9th September 2023. Are you thinking of going Green?

This is the weekly e-newsletter and e-journal brought to you by FE News: ISSN 2732-4095. We know life is busy, so here is a snapshot of the latest announcements and epic thought leadership articles, from sector influencers and cool thinkers across FE and Skills this week on FE News.

Going Green: What Support is Available for Educators Navigating Sustainability?

So one of my personal fav exclusive articles this week was this great piece from Charlotte Bonner and Maddie Booth: Going Green. It is roasting again… but when it is so roasting that parts of the World were on fire… we sort of need to do something about it. Switching off lights, cycling, walking… all helps… but how we can really help is increasing the Green Skills for everyone.. .so for me, this article was massive.

20 Voices – have you checked out these ‘shorts’ from different thought leaders this week?

So FE News is 20 years old! As a part of the celebrations.. every day we will have a 20 Voices ‘shorts’ in September. These 20 voices are 2 min snap shot ‘short’ videos , from thought leaders and influencers reflecting on the past 20 years of FE, Skills, the changing World of work and what they’d like to see in the future. This week we had:

Tom Burton

Kirstie Donnelly

Spencer Mehlman,

Prof Amanda Kirby

Ben Blackledge

Cool thought leadership articles from this week

This week we had exclusive thought leadership articles from Steven Winter: Bridging the digital divide: Empowering education through enhanced connectivity, Ann Gravells has been our most popular article this week reflecting on the last 20 years in further education, Gavin Lumsden wrote about Embracing Change: Nurturing Excellence in Your College!

I loved Scott Parkin’s article: The imperative of a system-wide approach. Building an integrated system for quality service delivery and excellence in employability.

Hayley Mintern wrote about: Brave new education: the leaders of our AI future.

Nichola Hay wrote about Prescribing Success – How Professional Apprenticeships Can Help Deliver the NHS’s Future Workforce and Noel Duffy wrote Making the transition to university – for students with visual impairments

Big announcements this week

Seema Malhotra Appointed as New Shadow Skills Minister with Labour … and thank you to Toby Perkins, who always took out time for us and you are readers at FE News. We wish him all the best in the future.

Sir Martyn Oliver has been appointed as new Ofsted Chief Inspector

So I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week.

… I nearly forgot….

FE Collective, only 25 VIP tickets remaining – don’t miss out!

The FE Collective is our first ever event.. it is a flipped conference, with everyone working together on a collaborative report on AI, Investing in the sector of the future… and progression… is there a better way? I’m sure everyone has an opinion and ideas on this.

Not only do you get to hear from… but also work with global experts in their field on a collaborative report. It is on the 16th Oct (networking BBQ with some cool announcements) and the main gathering is on the 17th Oct in Birmingham. Earlier this week we had literally just 25 VIP tickets remaining. We are working with the venue to work out how to fit more people in… but also keep it cool… but these tickets are going fast and I know a bunch of people booked tickets earlier this week, so it might actually be less than 25. We are trying to work out how to get more!

So if you fancy a networking BBQ… I mean who doesn’t want a burger and kebab? … and to hear and work on a cutting edge report, where you actually help shape it with global experts… move fast, get that sign off and chat to whoever you need to chat to as you may well miss out:

Here are some voucher codes for our Soundbite subscribers:

Voucher Code: GET25 – Use this promo code to get 25% off of general and VIP tickets

Voucher Code: GROUPSavings35 – Use this promo code to get 35% off of VIP tickets when booking 3 or more tickets

See you in October! It is exciting!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week

Kind regards

Gavin O’Meara

CEO and Founder

FE News and FE Careers

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