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Will AI make tests and exams more inclusive? FE Soundbite 708

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Welcome to Soundbite Edition 708, 19th August 2023, this week was results day (part 1)… so we thought we’d title this week’s FE Soundbite: Will AI make tests and exams more inclusive?

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So… Will AI make tests and exams more inclusive? This is a really interesting article and question by John Kleeman.

So this week we had Results Day.. part 1… so what were the sector reactions to the day… we split up the reactions into the different quals (as we all know that results day part 1 is so much more than just A Levels): A Level Results day, T Levels results day sector reactions and VTQ / Level 3 / Applied Generals… and here is our tag page to all of our Results Day coverage.

Paul Grainger (UCL, G20 Think Tank… all sorts of cool stuff… Paul is amazing)… Paul wrote a very cool article: The Foundation of Values and Value in the 21st Century, Paul is going to be joining us at the FE Collective if you are interested in hearing from him and also having the opportunity to work with him as well!

Yusuf Ibrahim finished up his three part series this week: Crafting an antiracist curriculum: Reimagining.

Elizabeth Anderson, Interim CEO of the Digital Poverty Alliance wrote a cool article: Empowering our younger generations with digital skills. Neil Wolstenholme wrote a cool piece as well: Is the Rise Of Homeschooling Explained By Advances In Tech?

Amina Bodhania wrote a really popular piece: Lessons from T Levels: Why links with employers must be at the heart of prison education

So I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week

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