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Using video to innovate pedagogical methods #Digifest19

Kev Bradshaw, Digital Learning Designer, Havant & South Downs College

Digifest is a two-day exhibition where educators and industry professionals come together to discuss collaborative ways of using digital technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning practice. 

Havant & South Downs College Digital Learning Designer, Kev Bradshaw, discusses his presentation at the festival and why he believes HSDC is a leading college in integrating technology into teaching and learning:

Showcasing Havant & South Downs College at a National Level

Working in the education sector, Digifest is a brilliant event to showcase what we do as a college. This could be anything from how we integrate videography, using mobile devices, and creative design in order to support teaching and learning.

 It could also be the use of apps for reflective and assessment work that can then enhance the skillset and employability skills of our students. You can always pick up new tips and tricks at events such as this to bring back into the workplace. It’s brilliant for inspiring others as well as being inspired.

I also take a lot away from the event as well as contributing to it. It opens a lot of doors to network with other digital developers in education and see what they are doing within their areas of expertise.

I also feel that sharing at Digifest previously has helped raise the profile of our college, giving us a voice at such a high-profile event, so hopefully, this year’s presentation will have a greater impact. 

Pedagogical Innovation

This year I am presenting on ‘how video can innovate pedagogical methods’ and will be demonstrating how video can support remote access for our students in order to provide a very flexible approach to their learning. It’s brilliant because you’re upskilling them with digital technology.

They all know how to use Snapchat, but it’s about teaching them the skills to take into the workplace, such as utilising Google Drive with video editing software (for unlimited storage) and learning how to compose good visuals for greater professionalism, as well as utilising a platform like Snapchat for reflective and instructional means. 

Upskilling Staff

It’s also about upskilling our staff. I’m a creative person so I really want to inspire people to be the same within their teaching. As a teacher previously, I was very artistic with my resources and that’s where all this started for me.

I am constantly looking at what the industry is doing and how we can implement that into our digital strategy. Also, my apprentice, Lizz Cook (above) has found the event to be incredibly useful and resourceful for her own development alongside her apprenticeship with us.

Digitfest has provided valuable experience for Lizz’s progression and creative use of video production within the classroom.

I do my research because I enjoy doing it and this event is great for my own CPD. With Digifest it’s all about sharing best practice, listening to others about their journeys and discussing what has had an impact using a variety of digital technologies.

With Lizz, this year we have shared our best practice in the impactful use of using digital video production to assist teaching and learning in hope of upskilling others in their own practice.

The Importance of Video

This year I have a bigger presentation on the importance of video. We’ve had a real positive effect in teaching and learning at our college using this medium, so I’ll be discussing how we use it, the impact in the workplace, and what outcomes have been achieved with our students.

I feel we have a good voice in the sector because of the creative and innovative things we are doing with video. It supports our staff and students by meeting the criteria of the assignment using original and engaging content.

I want us to be on the map in the education sector by offering something innovative to our students, as well as collaborating with fellow institutes in the use of digital technologies and enhanced learning resources.

We are all doing a fantastic job using digital technologies in our institutions whether it is; video, graphics, using apps and software, or the integration of mobile devices, but it is the teaching that is most important and we as a creative department are here to support that. 

Kev Bradshaw, Digital Learning Designer, Havant & South Downs College

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