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Why We Should Inspire New Generations to Consider a Career in Education

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Amir Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer at The Protocol Group, speaks during National Careers Week 2024 (NCW), shining a light on the extraordinary career options available in education and the importance of promoting the benefits of the industry to young people.

Promoting Education Industry Careers

National Careers Week is a unique opportunity to show young students the avenues available to them. Get them thinking about their professional future, and most importantly – inspire them. Too many young people are unsure about what the world of employment entails, and advising them through the right resources is a key part of building up our future workforce.

NCW can help students identify their skills and interests, compare different career paths and plan their next steps. Often, all that’s needed to push young people in the right direction is effective sources of information and support. Which are not always available to them.

There is a common lack of awareness and understanding of certain industries and professions, what they entail and how to get into them. This can be particularly detrimental both to young people’s development and our society as a whole.

With educational establishments and educators playing such a key role in this endeavour, promoting the benefits of a career in education – an often-undervalued industry – should be a key part of NCW. Working in education means playing a key role in shaping the minds of future generations – undoubtedly a crucial responsibility, but one that brings about an extraordinary sense of fulfilment.

Educators are drivers of innovation, positive transformation and skills development, being instrumental in helping build relevant skills and enhance employability – something that is vital.

Addressing Recruitment Challenges

Education is currently overlooked due to pressing issues like high staff stress. This stress directly stems from low recruitment rates that leave gaps and a lack of personnel in institutions. The short-staffing leads existing staff members to become overworked, fueling a vicious cycle.

There are certainly factors beyond our control as well, including the cost-of-living crisis worsening budget constraints. The tight budgets have created issues with competitive pay, making recruiting more challenging and causing some existing educators to leave the industry altogether.

Stimulating Youth Interest in Education

However, another core problem is simply that the wide variety of available roles is not being effectively promoted to young people. To truly solve this issue at its root cause, we should actively look to spark more youth interest in pursuing education careers and opportunities.

By investing in the next generation of educators. We ensure the continuity of quality education and contribute to the well-being and prosperity of individuals and communities alike. While teaching is an impactful and fulfilling career (at the forefront of the education industry).

It is not the only way to have a positive impact on young minds. Areas such as:

Are extremely rewarding, offering diverse ways to positively impact young minds and make a difference in their lives.

Supporting Student Career Decisions

Through National Careers Week, educational establishments and organisations have to engage, educate and overall support students through what can be challenging and often overwhelming decisions. It is vital that young people learn about both the benefits and the challenges relating to specific industries, and that we communicate effectively to facilitate better decision-making in the future

By Amir Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer at The Protocol Group

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