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What did the 2021 Spending Review mean for education? Brand new ‘Inside Your Ed’ podcast from the EDSK think tank

The first episode from @EDSKthinktank’s new #insideyoured podcast is now available 

In this inaugural episode, policy experts Jonathan Simons and Andy Westwood talk through all the big education stories (and omissions) from this week’s Spending Review.

What did the 2021 Spending Review mean for education?

On Wednesday this week (27 Oct), the Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled the government’s Autumn Budget and the outcome of their 2021 Spending Review.

The Budget described the upcoming changes to taxation while the Spending Review set out how much money each government department will get over the next three years.

There were certainly some eye-catching announcements including big increases in government spending and investment, tax cuts for businesses and an increase in the national living wage.

  • But what did the Budget and Spending Review mean for our education system from primary schools all the way up to universities and beyond?
  • Which education institutions are the winners and losers from the Chancellor’s decisions?
  • And should headteachers, college principals and university vice-chancellors be feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the months ahead?

To help us unravel the contents of the Spending Review in this inaugural episode of the EDSK think tank’s new podcast, we are joined by two guests who know all about Spending Reviews from their own careers in and around government.

Jonathan Simons is a Partner and Head of the Education Practice at Public First, a specialist public policy consultancy, and

Andy Westwood is Professor of Government Practice at the University of Manchester and a Director of the Productivity Institute. 

EDSK are delighted to announce the launch of their new podcast called ‘Inside Your Ed’, which will look inside the latest stories from across the education system in England including schools, colleges, apprenticeships and universities.

If you enjoy listening then please do leave a positive review on your podcast provider, and you can send us your views on each episode using the hashtag #insideyoured.

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