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Podcast with Beej on using the ‘Growth Mindset’ principals to develop new provision

Beej chats about the Advanced Learner Loans market

We chat with Beej Kaczmarczyk Director at the Learning Curve group and founder of E-memoir about alternate ways of growing the sector and the ‘Growth Mindset’ model.

The Growth Mindset model was famously adopted by the GB Cycling team to make marginal changes to move the cycling team from mediocre to a World leader in the sport.

Beej raises some very interesting points and rightly points out that the sector has been very reactive to policy changes for the sector.

He asks if we adopted a more proactive and ‘Growth Mindset’ model could we be more proactive in developing programmes and models that match employer and learners needs?

Beej points out that leaders in the sector need to have a positive influence on their teams and asks if we ‘light up the room’ when we enter it or leave it? Do we as a sector have a similar approach to working with learners and employers, should we not be aiming to proactively transform delivery?

I would highly recommend checking out what Beej has to say:

We also recorded a second podcast with Beej on the Advanced Learner Loans market, which has been really popular.

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