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Amazon Apprenticeships: New Data Shows How The Company Really Measures Up

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  • Amazon has announced that it will be funding 350 apprenticeships and traineeships across TV, film and books, doubling its creative industry apprenticeship levy funding to £2m
  • Leading apprenticeship review site analyses first-hand Amazon reviews to see what apprentices and students really think about the roles the business already provide
  • Early career experts offer insight into how these new apprenticeships will make a difference for young people  

Amazon is one of the leading contributors to the UK creative industries and it doesn’t plan to stop soon with the news that it will be funding 350 apprenticeships and traineeships across TV, film and books to help develop future talent.

Beyond the creative industries, Amazon is renowned for providing roles across the board to young talent including operations, logistics, supply chain management, engineering and much more.

To offer transparency on how current apprentices find their Amazon roles, the online job board and review site, RateMyApprenticeship, has bulk analysed their Amazon reviews to decipher an average rating.

The results revealed that, overall,  Amazon apprenticeships were rated 8.1 out of 10 by apprentices on RateMyApprenticeship with the main highlights including, “My role is often quite diverse” and with many apprentices sharing realistic responsibilities, “I would be responsible for maintenance and minor or major repair of machinery within the warehouse. This includes conveyors of various types and sizes, sorters, scanners or other building contents.”

To delve further into the current landscape of Amazon employment, the team also analysed internship reviews for university students on the sister site RateMyPlacement where Amazon rated 4.6 out of 5. Interns and students revealed the depth of knowledge Amazon provided them, “[Amazon’s] insights were very helpful, I learned a lot of new technical concepts.” They revealed the new skills learned, “The placement has enhanced my skills and knowledge on different key software packages which I use at university. I feel more confident using the software as colleagues offered me feedback on the work I had done” and the positive experience they had working with Amazon, “I had a good time, to be honest, the challenges were hard but gave me more motivation to prepare for the upcoming internships.”

RateMyApprenticeship and RateMyPlacement co-founder, Oliver Sidwell, commented:

“Our data analysis showed that the existing output of apprenticeships, internships and placements which Amazon are already providing our young talent is of a high calibre. This then gives us, and students who are preparing to make their next steps, a wider context to understand how positive this inpouring of funding into the creative industries from the business could be for young people. Kudos to Amazon, the new roles will allow those in industries notorious for young people to get their start in to gain expert knowledge, first-hand experience and discover their own niche in the industry, too.”

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