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An Entertainment – Led Crusade to Engage the Nation in Passion for Literacy

In October 2005, the BBC will be launching their Reading and Writing (RaW) campaign, a bold new initiative to reach out to the nation and promote literacy engaging a passionate interest amongst adults nationwide.

This entirely new initiative will be targeted at the approximately 12 million adults in Britain who, possessed of intermediate reading and writing skills, find reading and writing to be uninspiring and somewhat irrelevant. Often classed amongst the “do-ers” of life, they often require specific help in areas such as completing forms through to helping their children with their homework.

Raw with RaW

There are a number of different ways in which RaW will be employed. One of these will be supporting learning in the workplace through the provision of free resources, and the creation of a number of activities that can be enjoyed without supervision and within one single session.

The TUC will be intimately involved in this initiative, as the BBC will encourage Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) and the union learning centres to sign up as RaW centres. This will assist in the provision of activities such as accessing the website materials, ordering materials, and organising RaW activities like quizzes, RaW swaps (encouraging the sharing of literature) and reading groups. TUC members will also be asked to sign up as RaW advocates, to promote awareness of the programme amongst their co ““ workers.

The RaW campaign has the backing of the Basic Skills Agency, the Learning and Skills Council and the Skills for Life Strategy Unit. For more information on the campaign, please click here.

Jethro Marsh

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