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British Racing School Romps Home

The British Racing School has cantered through it’s evaluation by the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI). The ALI were very impressed with the Newmarket based training facility and awarded the centre an “Outstanding” grade.

The British Racing School is the country’s main training centre for the racing industry and offers young people the chance to gain free apprenticeships. The school has over fifty retired horses, which the students work with over the course of their nine week training. Upon successful completion of this training, they are guaranteed a job in racing. The training school also boasts some of the highest results and student retention rates across the whole of the Further Education sector.

The Inspection

The ALI team of inspectors spent several weeks at the centre, talking to trainers and apprentices and assessing the training facilities. The ALI concluded: “The training at the British Racing School is excellent. Teaching sessions observed were outstanding and instructors are extremely supportive and use their previous experience in the racing industry to good advantage. The British Racing School has excellent resources that are well managed and used effectively to support training.”

British Racing School Chief Executive, Rory MacDonald, declared: “We are absolutely delighted with this significant achievement and it is deserved recognition of our ongoing commitment to provide high quality training.” Rory MacDonald was also delighted with the ALI’s evaluation that: “The organisation is self critical and there is a strong commitment to improving its performance through its links with the racing industry.”

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