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Funding will address gaps for emerging Londoners

£4.8 million of unallocated funding has been awarded to the Learning and Skills Council from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The body announced yesterday that following the windfall, they are accepting applications and tenders to fund 15 new learning and employment projects.

The LSC will be using the previously unallocated funds to fill the gaps within the current Pan London 2 Programme. This will include a focus on disabled learners, young people, Skills for Life practitioners and women as well as on sectors such as sport, hospitality, horticulture and construction.

Robbie Jefferis, LSC Pan London 2 Manager commented: “The LSC is again delighted to be involved in this dynamic new initiative which adds further proof that the European Social Fund can and does react fast to meet the emerging needs of Londoners now and in the future”.

Informal workshops will be held on the 3rd and 5th October 2006 in Central London to give potential applicants the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any issues.

Further information about the tendering opportunity, including the Prospectus, is available through the Programme website, and their Helpline on 020 7089 1976.

The deadline for submission of applications is Friday 20 October 2006, 5pm.

Irene Watt.

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