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Report on 2004 / 2005 Singles Out Lincolnshire and Rutland for High Achievements

The Learning and Skills Council’s (LSC’s) “Annual Report and Accounts 2004 ““ 2005” released recently announces that more people than ever before are achieving success in learning, highlighting the achievements of learners in the East Midlands.

Learners from Lincolnshire and Rutland in particular have been singled out for their outstanding improvements, outshining their counterparts in the rest of the East Midlands. The two areas in which they performed exceptionally well are in achieving the highest percentage of young people under 20’s improving their employability skills by reaching the lever 2* qualification in 2004 across the East Midlands.


They were also praised for gaining higher success rates for Further Education qualifications delivered in less than 24 weeks throughout 2003 and 2004. Success rates in Lincolnshire and Rutland were 4 per cent higher than the average in the rest of the East Midlands (83%) and 6 per cent higher than in the rest of England (81%).

Other key achievements for the region included the launch of Agenda for Change, the LSC’s programme encouraging transformation within the further education sector. The programme aims revolutionise the provision of post ““ 16 learning and skills to create a simpler, more accessible and more responsive sector that is easy for both employers and learners to navigate whilst reducing the administrative and bureaucratic burden upon frontline staff.

In addition, 7,633 young people and adults gained Skills for Life qualifications between 2001 and 2004 and 1,613 new apprentices aged between 16 and 21 years were recruited. For the first time, figures illustrating the performance of each individual local LSC office were released publicly as a demonstration of LSC’s commitment to transparency.

Hard Evidence

Executive Director of the LSC in Lincolnshire and Rutland remarked that “significant progress to improve learning and skills” had been made across the two counties. He claimed: “It is rewarding to see the evidence of this hard work so soon in the numbers of young people and adults achieving so much.”

In addition, Roger Begy, Chairman of LSC Lincolnshire and Rutland commended the role of the LSC in “encouraging participation and achievement to deliver the skills necessary for healthy and prosperous economy” emphasising the important function of the body “particularly at a local level where relationships with its delivery partners are so vital.”

To view a copy of the report please visit the LSC’s website by clicking here.

Sara Hashash

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