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Unilever launches catering student programme

Consumer goods giant Unilever has launched a one-day training course to help lecturers deliver health and nutrition modules to catering students.

The programme, an industry-first, will be delivered through Unilever’s Food Solutions division, which is behind well-known brands such as Flora, PG tips and Knorr.

According to the company, the course will support lecturers to provide a better understanding of the responsibilities that catering employees have towards their customers’ health.

Tracey Rogers, managing director of Unilever Food Solutions, said: “We want to empower chefs of the future to recognise the influence they can have over their customers’ health. Times are changing, as are consumer needs, so we want to ensure we’re equipping young chefs with the right knowledge and skill set for when they enter the workplace.”

The first 60 lecturers to book a place on the scheme will have their fees paid by Unilever. In addition, the first 500 students to be taught the content will receive a free workbook, and their certificates will be paid for.

Natalie Thornhill

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