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Brighton MET Launches Decarbonisation Academy

Brighton Metropolitan College (MET) are setting their sights on a more sustainable future by establishing a Decarbonisation Academy for green construction training. The goal of the academy is to teach the local community about sustainable building practices.

The Decarbonisation Academy will be based at Brighton MET’s East Campus on Wilson Avenue and will be led by Chris Ferguson, it will offer a range of green construction courses both online and on-site at the campus. The majority of courses will start in September and include heat pump systems and solar panel installation.

A free introductory course for unemployed and low income earners will be running throughout the summer. This is a practical introduction to construction and plumbing; you will complete a sustainability-based project during the course. One student had this to say about the course; “I have learnt about sustainability during my time with the college and it has brought me a new perspective, something I did not expect to leave the course with.”

The main focus of these courses is to help adult learners and young people upskill and learn sustainable construction methods such as different heat pump systems and retrofitting. Alongside the range of courses, we are also offering electric vehicle charging installation at Northbrook College’s Shoreham Airport Campus. 

As part of the Decarbonisation Academy the MET are also retrofitting a bungalow at their East Campus, the building will meet green credentials and be used as a learning hub for students to develop their skills.It will include the following sustainable installations; solar panels on the roof, a ground source heat pump, underfloor insulation and fenestration modifications to windows and doors. 

Brighton MET are excited to begin this new chapter in green skills development , Chris Ferguson, Decarb academy lead said:

“we are working with the local community to upskill the next generation of workers so we can all look forward to a more sustainable future”

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