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BSDC shares best practice with Belgium counterparts

Staff at Burton and South Derbyshire College (BSDC) were recently visited by representatives from HOGENT and Erasmus University College Brussels (EhB) from Belgium to share best practice on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in education.

The delegation of six staff from Belgium took part in a three-day itinerary to gain an overview of how to improve their establishments’ understanding, strategies and procedures relating to EDI, curriculum intent and personal development.

Sessions during the three days included ‘Learner Services – Advice, Guidance, Safeguarding and Admissions’, ‘Measuring Impact, Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity’ and ‘Datasets, Curriculum and HE’. The delegation also had the opportunity to visit Staffordshire University to find out more about the collaborative partnership between BSDC and the university which gives students the opportunity to study university accredited courses in the College’s University Centre.

The visit was a result of collaborative work between representatives from BSDC and colleagues across Europe at the Chain 5 Annual Conference in Oslo in September 2022. The conference focused on the importance of Higher Vocational Education Programmes in Europe, with sessions on inclusive teaching, learning and benchmarking Health and Social Care Programmes.

Chris Beech, Assistant Principal and Dean at Burton and South Derbyshire College said:

“It was a pleasure to host a visit to colleagues from HOGENT and Erasmus University College Brussels (EhB) to demonstrate how the College incorporates equality, diversity and inclusion within our curriculum and support areas. Collaboration and partnership between colleges from different countries can have a positive impact and lead to meaningful change in the education sector across the world.”

Sofie Bruneel from HOGENT added:

“At Burton and South Derbyshire College, people are at the heart of things. You can see and feel that in everything they do for their students. The enthusiasm, warmth and hospitality of the staff made it an unforgettable visit. We are leaving inspired and eager to get started. Hopefully, some developments will lead to a long-term collaboration.”

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