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Electrical students help implement new smoke detector legislation

Scotland’s new law on smoke alarms came into effect from the start of February 2022 and @BordersCollege is supporting their current students by implementing the new legislation into their curriculum.

A recent visit by AICO, the European market leader in home safety, highlighted this, with the Stage 1 SECTT Electrical Installation Apprentices taking part in a training session presented by a leading expert in the field.

Regional Sales Rep Dave Richmond spoke to the students in detail about the products and involved and how the new legislation was essential to their studies and roles within the workplace.

Speaking about the session, Dave commented:

“It was a delight to come along and deliver a presentation to the students at Borders College. As a supplier, our focus is on safety and teaching the students about the products and legislation will help to implement this by upskilling them and allowing them to take this knowledge into their roles as electricians.

“We believe it is our responsibility to not only create the right safety products but to also raise awareness of dangers through our educational campaigns to communities, alongside promoting best practice through our installer programme.”

Electrical Installation Lecturer Dale Clancy, who organised the visit, said:

“AICO are market leaders in delivering expert training in this area so it was great to have Dave on board to present to the students.

“SECTT, who manage the industry approved training scheme for Electrical apprenticeships in Scotland, encourage these partnerships to ensure we get the best training possible in place for our apprentices. Upskilling them in these areas will encourage best standards in their practice.”

Effective protection relies on having the best alarms correctly installed and Dave spent the time teaching the apprentices about the best systems to use in different scenarios. The engaging session saw the students ask a number of questions in relation to their roles.

Electrical Apprentice Martin Pringle commented:

“Dave delivered an excellent session and I now feel that I can contribute more in the workplace in terms of giving advice to customers and my employer. The new systems being put in place is a big task for the industry but is vital to the safety of people in homes and businesses.”

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