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Equine Management hold sold-out event with William Fox-Pitt

Recently, our Level 5 FdSc Equine Training and Management students held an Equine Event called An evening with William Fox-Pitt consisting of a display by the 5 time Olympic medallist.

The event was planned and run by the students as part of their unit ‘Organisation and Event Management’ supported by other students and the equine staff team. The event, which has been planned since October 2022, was held in the Equine Arena at Hadlow College with sponsor stalls and a ‘shopping village’ located in a second arena.

The day included a display from William himself and a presentation for the students during the afternoon from William’s groomer Jackie Potts, where she shared experiences and advice from her years as an international groom. Additionally, staff and students were able to have paid-for riding lessons with William during the afternoon. A raffle ran by the students also resulted in £200 being raised for charity.

The purpose of the event was allowing students to experience what is involved in running an event, with the support of staff.  The event also enabled students, staff and the wider public to improve their knowledge on horse fitness, competition preparation and performance, and to meet an Olympic legend in the Equine world.

Jackie Potts, head groom for the Fox-Pitt Eventing team, said

“The staff and students were friendly and helpful to myself and my team, it was nice to work with them for this event”

Patrick Delaney, Deputy head of Curriculum (Equine), said

“This was a fantastic opportunity for both students and staff to learn, watch and train with a world class athlete.  As someone who has competed at 5 Olympics, William’s wide experience and vast knowledge on training both horses and riders were highly appreciated by everyone involved”

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