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‘Every Copy Counts’ reveals 2022-23 deadlines to log music data

‘Every Copy Counts’ reveals 2022-23 deadlines to log music data

Every Copy Counts has announced the deadlines for teachers to log music used in schools this academic year.
The Every Copy Counts campaign was launched by Printed Music Licensing Limited (PMLL) to encourage teachers to log the music they are using in schools so that music creators can be correctly remunerated. 

PMLL manages the Schools Printed Music Licence, which allows schools across England, Northern Ireland and Scotland to copy and arrange music for educational purposes free of charge.  However, to comply with the rules of the licence, teachers must log the music they have used on the PMLL website.

Historically, a lack of awareness of the licence and its terms meant data was not captured effectively, resulting in music creators suffering financial loss.

Abigail D’Amore, music education consultant who is leading the ‘Every Copy Counts’ campaign, said:

‘’Every academic year comes with its own set of challenges, and we understand how busy teachers are, but by taking a few minutes to report this vital information, they can ensure their school is complying with the terms of its licence and be part of a wider community that supports fairness in print music copyright.

“The deadlines to log music data for this academic year are 22 December, 6 April, and 27 July. Once teachers have logged their data, they will have access to a suite of exclusive, free teaching resources – including inspiration for composing and songwriting lessons – as thanks for their data submissions.

To submit music data for each work used in school, teachers should sign up for an account on the PMLL website (, and then enter ‘The Big Five’ sheet music essentials – Composer/Arranger; Title of work; Title of book; Music publisher; and Print publisher.

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