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Fintech 11Onze launches open-access website offering free financial literacy training for teachers

To cater to the rising demand for financial education in schools, community fintech 11Onze has launched a website 11Onze Escola for Catalan teachers unlocking free access to a wealth of information, guides and games on money matters. 

Escola shares instructive guides for teachers and also games to test the acquired knowledge. In this way, schools can arrange a class with 11Onze or they can directly use the informative guides to work in the classroom.

“We have done trial classes at the Arraona Institute in Sabadell and Cendrassos in Figueres.  We are now entering the phase of scheduling classes for these schools and for the 10,000 public schools that can request a session,” confirmed Antoni Mata, Director of Content and Media, 11Onze.  

Schools have the option of virtual or face-to-face sessions. In both cases, a representative of 11Onze will offer them a 1-hour class. Right now, we offer three types of classes: Introduction to Financial Education; Open Banking; Digital Currencies.

“With these classes, we can touch on some important topics of the new economy. Because analyzing the educational curricula we have seen that they lack these contents. About embedded finance, CBDC, tokenization, mining, open banking… We believe that students need to be prepared to manage their money in an environment that is going to be radically different from the one we have now,” Mata added.

Speaking about the open access web for schools, James Sène, Chairman, 11Onze, said:

“In Catalonia, there are very competent teachers, and through the 11Onze Escola platform, we offer them the possibility of expanding their educational curriculum to include financial literacy. We already have a unique platform that educates our community on money matters and offers services for wealth creation. So, it was a natural move for us to reach out to the younger generation and help them make informed decisions on investing and spending.”

“The 11Onze Escola project is not a one-off campaign, it will remain and become one of the hallmarks of 11Onze. From day one we have sought to disseminate economic knowledge because we believe it is the best way to achieve a more economically just society. With the right knowledge, people make the right decisions and keep a better eye on their rulers and companies. It is a question of financial education, but at its core, it is a question of democracy,” concluded Sène. 

Jordi de Rialp, Economics teacher at Arraona College in Sabadell (Barcelona) said:

“The class taught by 11Onze was very helpful not only for the students but also for me as the one responsible for teaching the subject. The fact is, education evolves with society. New technological tools, financial products and other ways of doing banking, together with new economic challenges such as the sustainability of the planet, etc. are emerging. While knowledge is unlimited, our time and resources are limited. Escola helps us teach financial literacy.”

“I believe, a good teacher is always learning, in the same way, that a doctor has to keep up to date with the latest scientific advances. And this is what 11Onze has brought to our school. A new way of understanding banking, investment products… a fresh approach to financial education for young people. “

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