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Flywire Partners with Universitas XXI to Deliver Integrated Payment Solution to Higher Education Institutions in Spain and Latin America


Flywire’s integrated offering with Universitas XXI provides students a streamlined payment experience, from initial application through to tuition

Partnership aligns with Flywire’s commitment to continue expansion in Spain and Latin America

Today (September 14), Flywire Corporation, a global payments enablement and software company, is announcing the availability of its integration with Universitas XXI, a university management system focused on servicing higher education customers throughout Spain and Latin America. Universitas XXI will extend Flywire’s digital education payments platform into its student information system, enabling a seamless payment experience for students and administrators, and supporting both international and domestic payment flows.

Flywire integrates directly into the Universitas XXI software, helping universities to automatically power every transaction, ranging from initial application fees, all the way through to tuition payments. Within the familiar Universitas XXI software, students and families can easily track and make payments in native currencies, and university accounting professionals will be able to see and access all payment information within their system of record. Flywire plugs directly into the Universitas XXI platform, helping universities to streamline upgrades and to ensure complex compliance standards, as well as tax considerations, are always up to date.

Both Spain and Latin America continue to be a popular academic destination for international students. Boasting 76 universities, Spain is the top choice for students taking part in the EU’s Erasmus+ study abroad program, and in light of the Spanish government’s proposal to ease the visa requirement process for students and recent graduates, the country is committed to attracting additional international students. Likewise, Latin American universities are fortifying their strategies to recruit more inbound international students. The most recent research from UNESCO suggests that Latin American countries are receiving almost as many students as they are sending students abroad.

As the demand for higher education experiences in Spain and Latin America increases, there is mounting pressure on universities to provide a streamlined payment experience for students and families. According to a Flywire report of students in Spain and Latin America, students studying in Spain would like to see more flexible, simpler, and more affordable payment options. Of those surveyed in Flywire’s report, 86% believe that the ability to pay their tuition digitally, in their local currency, and/or via their preferred payment method, would improve their higher education experience and reduce the stress involved. Additionally, 80% of students in both Mexico and Peru believe paying for their tuition in installments would make their education more affordable.

For universities in Spain and Latin America, it can still be difficult to manage student payments originating from different countries and in different currencies. Finance teams would need to manage domestic and international payments in different systems, and reconciling international payments typically requires a lot of manual effort for university staff and can complicate student registration. This all creates complexity and friction for both students and university staff, which is exactly what the integration between Flywire and Universitas XXI solves.

For students and families, the integrated solution provides a highly-tailored, convenient and secure digital payment experience, which can be customized by university, country, and currency. For institutions, they can consolidate the multiple payment options they offer, which accelerates funds flow, eases reconciliation and streamlines operational efficiencies. Additionally, institutions can create custom payment plans to provide students and families with greater flexibility. Additional benefits of the integrated solution between Flywire and Universitas XXI for institutions include reduced inbound contact volume, accelerated processing around student visas, and significantly reduced merchant processing fees thanks to more payment options.

“As Flywire continues our growth in Spain and Latin America, we’re thrilled to partner with Universitas XXI, who bring meaningful relationships with reputable universities and extensive knowledge of the Spanish and Latin American markets,” said Sharon Butler, EVP of Education at Flywire. “Through our powerful, seamless integration, we are able to deliver exceptional payment experiences for students and institutions alike – and we’re committed to building on this foundation as the partnership continues.”

“Our integration with Flywire enables us to elevate our offerings and provide even greater value to our customers,” said Manuel Rivera, Director of Communication and Marketing at Universitas XXI. “We look forward to our continued partnership to better serve the Spanish and Latin American markets.”

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