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Genius Group Announces Partner Award Winners of 2022

Genius Group has announced the three winners of its annual Partner Awards. The awards recognise faculty and content partners, as well as country and city leaders, who are helping to educate and support members of their own communities around the world to start and build their own businesses. :

  • An Nguyen, Founder and CEO of SuperX Academy, was announced as the overall winner. Based in the United States, An has devoted his entire career to helping people achieve long-term balanced success based on his philosophy of inspired leadership, teamwork and a focus on community-building. An is also the Vietnamese translation partner with GeniusU. His mission is to help people find their own flow and live their best life.
  • Tamami Ushiki, Founder and CEO of Japan Dynamics Group, was announced as a second-place winner, Tamami has been supporting entrepreneurs and business owners all over Japan with the Wealth Dynamics methodology, created by Roger James Hamilton, founder & CEO of Genius Group. By organising seminars, educating and promoting consultants, business coaches and trainers – and through her own consultancy – she is working to build trust among entrepreneurs in Japan and globally.
  • Amelia Hirawan, Founder & CEO of Sinergia Group Indonesia, was announced as a third-place winner, Amelia, a Human Capital expert, has over 15 years of experience and her passion is to support people and guide them on the journey to maximise their potential. Her business has helped over 500 companies to build Human Capital Systems and design Learning Cultures in their company

Genius Group CEO & Founder, Roger James Hamilton comments:

“The Genius Group Partner Awards are a chance to showcase all the amazing work our community members are doing around the world.  Many congratulations to An, Tamami, and Amelia for their fantastic efforts.  We have launched our Education Revolution theme for 2023 and we are aiming to grow from 4 million to 6 million new students on our edtech platform GeniusU. We welcome new partners to join us either with their own educational content or to share our content with their already established community, anywhere in the world.” 

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