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GGTech announces the return of Amazon University Eports tournament

Registrations are now open for the Winter 2022 season of Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports in the UK and Ireland. The competition is open to all university students, with over 7,800 players from more than 100 universities taking part in the competition last year.

The competition includes tournaments in top esports titles League of Legends, CS:GO, VALORANT, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Overwatch 2, Clash Royale and Teamfight Tactics. The Winter season also sees the return of dedicated tournaments for women and non-binary players in League of Legends and VALORANT, and support for community-run tournaments in Halo Infinite and osu!.

The tournament finalists in League of Legends, VALORANT and Rocket League will compete in a live final at Confetti X in Nottingham to qualify for the 2023 season of Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Masters – the premier pan-European university esports tournament.

In addition, the winner of the Rainbow Six Siege tournament will qualify for the upcoming season of the official UK Ireland Nationals (UKIN) tournament – a proving ground for up-and-coming UK, Irish & Nordic teams.

Starting in mid-November, playoff games will be streamed most days of the week on or Aside from presenting the best of university esports, these broadcasts will serve as valuable opportunities for upcoming producers and casting talents to exhibit their skills.

Education and Training

Alongside the competitions, Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports will offer various training, development and community support activities to help students learn more about the esports sector and discover new career opportunities.

This programme of events includes workshops to help student leaders support their communities, careers talks delivered by professionals in different industry sessions, and practical opportunities for students to develop their skills and experience on real-world projects. It will also include a new ‘University Tour‘ series of on-campus events, with a wide range of activities planned to raise awareness of the university esports community.

This new season is also set to benefit from the recently announced partnership between NUEL, GGTech, and Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies – with Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports staff collaborating closely with the university on course development, guest lectures, and work experience opportunities.

Supporting the student esports community

This upcoming season also sees the return of student-led community initiatives and tournaments – supported by Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports – such as the National University Osu! Tournament, and the University Halo Chamber League, as well as regional student society events around the country. These resources and support for student communities will help the organic development of grassroots esports in the UK and Ireland.

During this season, Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports will be supported by some of the most important publishers in the market, such as Riot Games.

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