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Head of Academics at LSBF Appointed as a Member of the Board of Experts for HE Higher Education Rankings

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Dr. Shahnaz Hamid, Head of Academics at LSBF, has been appointed a member of the Board of Experts for HE Higher Education Rankings

With her exceptional leadership and teaching experience at LSBF, and other leading institutions over the last 15 years, she is a highly regarded academic, business consultant and practitioner with expertise in strategic management, human resources management, leadership and organisational development.

“I’m delighted that Dr Shanaz Hamid is now a member of the of the Board of Experts for HE Higher Education Rankings and proud of everything she has done for LSBF,” says Aaron Entingen, Founder and Executive Chairman of Global University Systems.

In addition, her practical experience across diverse industries also makes her a highly valuable addition to the Board of Experts, as does her pedagogy research.

“I was approached by the leaders of HE Ranking because of my academic leadership and teaching experience at LSBF and other prestigious institutions,” says Dr. Hamid. “I have been fortunate to be involved in significant research in pedagogy and have worked with students from different backgrounds and levels of education, be it undergraduate, master’s or doctoral.”

As a board expert, Dr. Hamid will apply her extensive knowledge in higher education to evaluate universities and institutions worldwide, using specific key performance indicators and criteria. This will allow her to collaborate with a team of accomplished academics who possess significant experience and expertise in pedagogy and quality assurance. In addition, her appointment will enable her to work with HE Higher Education Rankings, leveraging their selection criteria to identify top-tier institutions annually and improve the ranking list.

“I’m very proud to have been appointed a member of the board of experts,” says Dr. Hamid. “It will be a great opportunity to work with a team of academics who have extensive experience and expertise in key areas of pedagogy and quality assurance.”

The HE Higher Education Ranking Project is a scientific, academic and research ranking institution that ranks higher education institutions according to specific criteria, and performance indicators that contribute to improving the operation and performance of higher education institutions.

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